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Survey day postponed

March 29, 2010

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us on Sunday, so we had to postpone our survey day. We will be deciding when we want to reschedule it this week. We’ll be in touch!


New media up; update on survey day

March 26, 2010

I’ve posted new media links to the site. We had the news cover a couple of complaints that we made last year and it did result in some improvement in the state of the park. We’re still working on a lot more though! You can find them through the “Media” link on the right. Alternatively, you can follow this link here.

Today we folded a lot of brochures and surveys for Sunday at 1pm. If you’re interested in participating, come on out to 1 Louise Lane at 1pm. It will be a great time and the weather looks sunny and clear!

Neighborhood Survey

March 22, 2010

On Sunday, March 28th, PVI volunteers will be going door-to-door to do a survey of our residents’ issues. We would like to understand all of our neighbors’ concerns and the group decided that the best way to do that would be a quick survey for each of our neighbors. We will be meeting at 1pm at 1 Louise Lane, we will have a quick overview of canvassing/surveying, and then we will go out in groups of two.

If you are available, we’d love to have you join us as we go out and meet our neighbors.

If you cannot make it, be sure to check back later for the full results!

PVI Brochure

March 22, 2010

PVI Brochure

This is our organization’s new brochure. Feel free to leave some comments about it. We’d like it to represent what we want to do and our vision for our community.

Our Grand Arrival Into the World of Blogging

March 22, 2010

Hello to All.

This blog shall function as an informational and updated window into the transformation of Vintage Village as the upcoming days go by. Expect to see any and all types of useful info such as upcoming projects, helpful websites, essays on how to improve your community, and a plethora of other tools for repairing the area we want to live in. Cheers and here’s to new beginnings.