May 13th Media


Coverage from May 13th’s meeting with the park ownership. Thanks to all who came out. We’re looking forward to meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Holley to come to a compromise on these issues.


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6 Responses to “May 13th Media”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I live in Country Squire Mobile Park in Alliance, OH, owned by Ron and Marcia Holley. We have tried on several occasions to have meetings with the Holley’s on the water bills, deplorable conditions of the park, and the list goes on. All these meetings end up in the same way..NO ANSWERS! On the matter of our water bills being outrageously high: We have been told by the Holley’s that it is our responsibility to pay for all the leaks in the park whether it is our trailer that has the leak or not, that they will not be taking the money out of their pockets for any leaks in the park. My water bill has been as high as $70 for a month for 3 months in a row, which is what the Holley’s have told us to expect when there is a leak anywhere in the park. They said, and I quote, “when there is a leak anywhere in the park be prepared to pay higher water bills for the next 3 months, because we will not eat the cost of any leaks that occur in the park”. I have said that I am only responsible for the leaks from my trailer to the meter, but the Holley’s adamently state that they will not be held responsible for any leaks regardless of where they are in the park. And we pay $15 right off the bat before “our” water bill is even added! This is only one of many problems we have in the park! The sewer condition is deplorable to say the least and stinks to high heaven in the summertime! We have called the Health Department on several occasions over this. The filfth throughout the park is another problem….and deplorable trailer conditions are another problem. I own my own trailer and I keep the inside and outside nice, however, the trailers that Ron Holley own are not kept up. They are rat, roach and black mold infested trailers. And regarding the gas bills: We have gas through a company called Knox Energy, which interestingly Ron Holley is a shareholder in. We pay a delivery charge and a service charge on top of our bill that goes directly to Ron Holley, not Knox Energy. We have had to pay a $600 deposit for our gas as well. If someone moves out of the park and someone new moves in, you have to pay the $600 deposit before you can have gas turned on. In some instances the new tenants were told that they will also have to pay the back gas bill to have the gas turned on. Needless to say, a majority of people in our park now do not use gas for heat, but rather bottled gas from another company, which Ron Holley is throwing a fit about! I could go on and on…but in my closing statement I would just like to say that Ron Holley is a cold hearted crook who could care less about his tenants! I would be interested in how to organize a partnership for our Mobile Home Park tenants here at Country Squire. Thank you very much!

    • haynie9999 Says:

      Thank you for your interest, yes we have several people from your area, that had been invited to our meetings. they were threaten not to come.

    • Adam Says:

      Dawn, I’d urge you to use the “Contact” tab on the homepage to get in touch with me. Talk to you soon.

    • Mary Says:

      Come join us at a meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio right off Interstate 80 and Rt. 193. Our next meeting is June 5th at 4 PM. There is POWER in numbers. Would love to have other mobile home parks join us, especially ones that are owned by the Holley’s because it sounds like they are treating us all the same way.

  2. Elaine Says:

    Sorry…I lost the site while posting earlier.

    I suggest everyone familiarize themselves with the Ohio Code, as it pertains to manufactured homes parks:

    I live in Country Squire in Alliance and have been here since long before Holley bought the park in 1995. There are many issues:

    1) No new rental agreement offered, or only offered to select few

    2) water bills are entirely bogus. He refused to reply to my letters requesting (a) gallons in his “unit” and (b) price per his “unit.” Plus, if you do the math, there is NO consistency in his price per “unit.” The mgr here claims we are a “community” and that we must pay for the total water bill for the park, including leaks in lines underground and empty homes. He is responsible for those lines and empty homes!

    3) It is illegal for Holley to force us to use any private gas company, in which he is financially involved. HE filled out membership applications for everyone in the park, without authorization from us. He makes money on our gas bills! As a member of Knox Cooperative he (alone) is permitted to buy gas IN BULK 4 times per year at Knox’s cost. He then resells it to us at HIS price, making a profit. This is clearly illegal. For more than the first year using Knox, our gas payments had to be paid and mailed to Holley…because HE OWNED THE GAS, per the office mgr at Knox Cooperative!! HE HELD US AS CAPTIVE CUSTOMERS!!

    He makes money on the rent, water AND gas…which is illegal. He also evicts home owners…steals their homes…resells their homes…evicts and resells over and over again, while NEVER GIVING A TITLE. He keeps all downpayments (or cash in full payments) and evicts, without ever giving a title to the purchased homes. Illegal!!…

    He is a crook and criminal and must be stopped. I am in the process of leaving the park because I cannot take the abuse any longer. I have all records from the time he purchased the park in 1995 and would gladly share them.

  3. Mary Says:

    All tenants of Mobile Home Parks in the area are cordially invited to our
    People’s Voice, Inc., meeting which will be held at 4 PM at Denny’s Restaurant, Located at the corner of 193 (Belmont Avenue) right off the 80 interstate ramp. Our next meeting is June 5th. Come join us as see what we are all about.

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