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June 29, 2010

The letter dated June 24th, 2010 No the association nor my self have said, that the park was closing, nor did we say not to pay your rent. I encourage you all to stay up to your obligations and to pay your rent as before. If you had read my message about bankruptcy you will find that this is all true. Yes the park will be sold as a Manufactured Home community. thx. Jim

Today I was in my home recovering from surgery the date is Oct 7,2010 and got the letter that you all got. THAT A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE are telling you not to pay your bills. As stated back in June I never said any officer of PVI are not telling anyone to hold back on paying there ob;igation of paying there rent. So please pay your lot rent, and your water bill. Thank you Jim


Bankruptcy court

June 20, 2010

I thought you all should know of what happened at the bankruptcy court on June 17th. this is where we live with our families, and we should not be in the dark. An agreement from the bank and there lawyers and the court. That they will auction off 3 of the 4 parks as mobile home parks. This public information that anyone can get. The U.S. Trustees will montor the bankruptcy. Your lot rent and water still goes to clinton as usual. Your checks will go into an esrow account for the banks. Make your check out to Vintage Village and mail to there P.O. box. You will have to wait for there next bill. The court was done by telephone conference calls that included the courts, there lawyer, the banks lawyer, the U.S. trustees, the next court date is August 16th.


June 20, 2010

Vintage Village Yard Sale  Our members of will be having a yard sale in the front of our open field, this is open to all the residents of our community. The days are June 26-27th  from 9-4 any questions please call Jim Haynie        330-539-9004

Board of Health

June 16, 2010

Yes the Board of health will be at the Liberty Twp. today June 16th.  at the adminastration building to hear anyone that are having problems. They will be there at 6 pm.

Our Regular Meetings

June 12, 2010

Yes we are having regular meetings and they are open to all parks, come and share your story. We meet at Denny’s on Belmont Ave. just off route 80 also know as rt. 193. We will be working on a yard sale for all of our members. The days will be June 26-27  Please sign up today thanks.