Neighborhood Leader Spotlight


Neighborhood Leader Spotlight – Jim Haynie of People’s Voice Inc.

The Vintage Village Estates is located in Liberty Township off of Belmont Avenue, nearly in Vienna Township. Its location may be isolated, but there is a constant buzz of activity inside because of the work of its resident association, People’s Voice.

“We’ve been around for about two and a half years, but we’re picking it up now,” says Jim Haynie, President of the organization. “We’re determined now more than ever to see our values reflected in the park.”

Under Haynie’s leadership, the organization has taken big steps to make it accessible to and representative of the people of the park, which is made up of about 180 manufactured homes. They have filed their articles of incorporation with the State of Ohio; they have held meetings with residents and the owners of the park; they have expanded their communications with a brochure, a website and fliers advertising their weekly meetings, which take place each Saturday at 4 p.m. at Denny’s on Belmont Avenue. They are also planning community events to engage the many children of the community.

“We’d like to be seen in the neighborhood as a resource. We want residents to be able to access information about their rights as a tenant in a manufactured home park and we want to give our neighbors a safe space where they can voice their concerns with their neighborhood without fear,” said Haynie. “We also want to put on events that make us all proud to live where we do.”

Jim is no stranger to neighborhoods, he’s lived in a half a dozen communities and travelled extensively through his various careers and his service with the United States Navy, where he toured the Mediterranean and other parts of Europe. Upon returning to the States, he worked at Polaroid as the Corporate Function Manager in Boston. Jim moved to his current community 17 years ago, when his father became ill from Parkinson’s disease and past away. Since then, he’s set down roots here and, as a retiree, makes organizing People’s Voice his primary occupation.
At its heart, People’s Voice Inc.has a simple mission. According to Jim, “we just want people to talk and join together to be a great community.” He and his loyal group of leaders work tirelessly to that end.
To find out more about the People’s Voice resident association or to get involved in their work  contact  Jim at 330-539-9004 or email him at


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