Skirting is required


“Skirting is required in this community and on each and every home.” Why is that?  Many times we residents question the Rules and Regulations that are given to us when we locate in a manufactured home community. Yet many of them have in mind the health and safety of all residents. Sometimes the standards set in these Rules are higher than what is stated by the State or Federal Government. HUD and the Ohio State Ohio Revised Code do not require skirting. However, when the community Owner or Manager has it in their Rules and Regulations it is evident that they are concerned for our health and safety.  It’s time to recognize and appreciate their concern.

    Skirting provides: 1). A warmer floor in your home. 2). Keeps the water pipes from freezing. 3). Keeps animals from dwelling underneath your home and destroying your wiring. 4). It is more sanitary. 5). Adds value to your home when you sell it. 6). Helps sell your home quicker. 7). Improves the appearance of your home. 8). When your home looks better it makes your neighbors’ home look better. 9). Strong winds cannot get under it to tip it over or destroy your home.

   We hope you see the value in the fact that skirting installed and maintained properly is really an asset to you in many ways ….. not just a liability.

Never Never, never give your social security number, Medicare number, checking account number, savings account number or any other numbers to anyone who calls you. By doing so, it could lead to financial destruction for you. It is generally safe to give this information when you place the call to a place of business such as a doctor, hospital, bank, department store or placing an order for merchandise. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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