Affordability – We live in the most affordable quality homes that America has to offer anyone. In the midst of so many, many foreclosures, amidst the shake, rattle and roll of the economy, where are people turning as they tighten their budgets?
     The answer is clear. They are turning to manufactured homes. Why? They are far more affordable to the average family than a stick-built home and they are efficient. There is and will be a demand for them. This is true if we maintain our homes and keep them in tip-top condition where people will want to buy them…… IF, we want to sell them.
     Every living person needs a place to call home. They will always need a home regardless of their age, sex, religion, national origin, belief or economic conditions.

     There are many who believe and state that manufactured home sales and that industry is on the verge of substantial growth and sales. When this happens, it will affect employment in many areas, the life style of many and the economy of America. With this in mind, we can turn this recession into an era of economic recovery and beyond!

     It is time to capitalize on what is in front of us!


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