The Ohio Manufactured Home Commission


What is the Purpose of the OMHC?


   It is believed that most problems with a new home result from defects missed during the factory final inspection or improper installation at the home site.  The Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 requires HUD (the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department) to establish new standards for installing manufactured houses and implement a dispute resolution program.  States may elect to institute their own programs as long as they meet or exceed HUD’s regulations. In 2004, Ohio legislators established the Manufactured Homes Commission to replace and improve the federal programs. 

   The Ohio Commission has nine members, one representing the Health Department, an expert on building standards, another six people from the manufactured housing industry, such as a homebuilders, retailers and installers. The ninth member is a manufactured home resident.  The Governor of Ohio appoints all members and requires each Commission member to take an oath of office, and sign a pledge of ethical conduct.  Commissioners are expected to act not only in their own interests but act for the good of everyone in Ohio.  The Commission Executive Director, David Zofko is a mechanical engineer with extensive construction and building code enforcement.  Monthly meetings of the Commission are usually held in Columbus and are open to the public. 

   The Commission trained and licensed all installers and certified inspectors of manufactured housing in the state of Ohio. An area of more interest to present and prospective manufactured home owners is the Dispute Resolution Program. For new home buyers, during the first year of ownership, a manufactured home owner with an unresolved house defect can contact the Commission to report the problem.  The Commission will help resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the home owner.  House defects can include poor workmanship, improper installation, damaged or missing parts of the home.  HUD has developed a very extensive set of rules for the construction and installation of manufactured houses, and those will be the standards by which the homes will be judged.

   The procedure is as follows: a residents’ complaint will initiate an inspection by a trained specialist, employed by the Commission, to determine the extent of the problem. The second step is for the Commission to work with all parties to resolve the problem.  If a resolution is not reached to the satisfaction of the home buyer the next step is to bring in a neutral mediator initiate nonbinding arbitration.  The Commission will review the report of the independent arbitrator and then issue orders to dismiss or repair the defect.  In the event the responsible party fails to comply with the Commission order, the matter will be enforced through the courts.

   The Ohio Commission is working to advance the manufactured home business and improve the home buying experience for the consumers.  Anything we do to reduce the uncertainty from that purchase will raise the image of manufactured homes and manufactured home communities.

   What would you like to see the Commission do in the future? The best way to make government work for you is to express your wishes to our lawmakers. The best way to get the legislators attention is to be organized, such as a home-owners association,PVI and AMHRO.  There is strength in numbers. Being a member of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission and AMHRO. I am interested in your questions and concerns; He can be reached at 440-465-8236.     

James Demitrus


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