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August 28, 2010


One war veteran’s simple question is about to bear fruit for 200,000 of his fellow Ohio veterans.

In 2007, U.S. Army Capt. Thomas Germano, a Mentor native then serving in Iraq, asked my office in a letter if the state offered financial benefits to veterans of recent wars. The state did not at the time, but Capt. Germano’s question prompted me to ask the Legislature to ask voters to approve a bonus payment to veterans in salute of their service, just as Ohioans had done after World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam. Last November, more than seven in 10 Ohioans approved this bonus.

Today, state leaders and I announced that applications are now being accepted for the veterans bonus.

Veterans can download the application or get more information at:

Eligible veterans who served in the Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan wars may receive $100 for each month of active duty service up to $1,000. Eligible veterans serving on active duty elsewhere in the world during these wars may receive $50 per month of service up to a maximum of $500. An eligible veteran may combine their service bonuses for a maximum payment of $1,500. Family members of deceased veterans may also be eligible for compensation.

Notary service for applications will be available at all of Ohio’s more than 200 county clerks of courts locations.

In addition, assistant attorneys general in my offices in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown and Toledo will provide the needed notarization on veterans’ applications free of cost.

Information on those locations is available at

If you know someone who might be eligible for this bonus, please forward this message to that person. And, again, please visit for specific information about the application process and eligibility.

It is very gratifying to see Capt. Germano’s suggestion from 2007 finally becoming reality, just as it is gratifying to see Ohio voters reward the service of their fellow citizens.


Richard Cordray
Ohio Attorney General

Ohio Attorney General | | 30 E. Broad St. | Columbus | OH | 43215


August 20 th court

August 21, 2010

The court has set the date for the park to be auction off on October 14th they will advertise in many different places, many different papers etc. the next court hearing will be Oct. 24pm at 2: 00. Our meeting today we voted Terry Newton as our vice President, and Gail Godfrey will handle our distict  4, Scott Street , she will handle any questions or inputs to the board members, then brought up at meetings. If you see them give them your confidence and support. We need to fill the empty district 3 Tuttle Lane if anyone interested please see me.  Thank you Jim

Court Hearing

August 16, 2010

Today’s hearing was canceled until this Friday 11: am  I will keep you posted. Everyone are welcome to go and voice there opinion.

PVI’S Info.

August 8, 2010

We are a state INC. advocacy organization in Ohio representing the interests of manufactured home residents whose home is on rented land.                                                 
Question: Where would I look to find the guidelines for Manufactured Home Parks?

Answer: The Ohio Revised Code for manufactured home parks can be found by going to the following:              
Nothing in the information on this website should be understood as legal advice. You are encouraged to seek legal advice from an attorney on any matter relating to legal issues. It may be very costly to ignore doing this.

Teddy’s car

August 8, 2010

Our Mission to Help

August 2, 2010

To educate and advise residents of their responsibilities, rights and privileges associated with residing in a manufactured home community and how to inform residents how to protect the value and security of their home. 

  1. To help our residents in our organization within their own community association.
  2. To promote health, safety and general welfare of each resident.
  3. To be an organization that is willing to use all available resources to bring about change that will improve the lives of residents.
  4. To serve as an avenue to channel information and to serve as a source to educate every resident about their rights as residents of manufactured home communities.