Added Cost


Many of us are getting an added cost that we are getting charged for extra water charge or maybe they say that they made a mistake on our charges again. They sent me a regular bill and  I paid it. Now they sent me a new one with extra water charges. I’m sorry if this is a mistake, or not. I’m being charge for about 3000 gals. extra. I already paid my bill. I take meter readings every month either the 25th or the 28th they are usually pretty close sometime.


3 Responses to “Added Cost”

  1. mary Says:

    Yes water bills what if water is shut off how can they bill us $15.00 plus cost of usage.

  2. mary Says:

    they way i was explained was i month meter readings lost so meters read again and bills sent out and 3 days later meters read and bills went out again read 3 days apart but for seperate months instead of just reading meters as usually do and billing stating it was for 2 months

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