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Court of 10/22 Hearing

October 23, 2010

Just that they will include all 4 parks, plus have a management team to handle the parks. Plus they will come back the first part of November 02 or 19th I heard two dates, we just know when on a final date yet. Plus change from chapter 11 to chapter 7. We just have to wait again. Please you still have to send in your payments until you get a notice of a change.


Liberty Twp Info.

October 17, 2010

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Liberty Township, Ohio
1315 Churchill – Hubbard Rd ● Liberty Township, Ohio 44505 – 1378 ● Phone: (330) 759 – 1315
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The Liberty Township Police Department is thrilled to announce the institution of an alerts system called NIXLE. This system will allow us to send out emails and text messages to our residents about important news and information including emergencies. Please click on the link below to read more about NIXLE and how to signup/register. When registering and it asks for your city or community, enter Youngstown and select Youngstown, OH it will display Liberty Township as a community.


Special NOPEC electrical usage additional discounts for members
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**SPECIAL NOPEC Dominion gas rates – July 15, 2010**

*** New service at the Township Building ***
The Box Connection is now open Monday – Friday from 10-5 P.M.
They offer convenient box and FED-X shipping and also sell U.S Postage Stamps.
Community Trick or treat – Sunday, October 31st 5-7 PM. Recycle Liberty!!

If you do not have curbside recycling you can take your recyleables to the container placed at the Liberty High School. The container will remain at this location as long as it is being utilized and serviced at least once a month. The container is for commingled materials; plastics #1-#7, glass all colors, tin steel and aluminum cans.


October 16, 2010

Yes the auction went off as scheduled. At first they opened the bid at the $1,333,000. no bidders, they went to country squire no bids, then they went to State Line no bids. They took a 10 minutes break, to talk this over, they came back into the room and so did the Holley’s. They started a open bid finally it got up to $800,000 they sold pending on the courts response to accept or denied. Then they went to country squire that went for $265,000. no bids on State Line.
There should be a protest on the auction, felt that this was all wrong.

Now we wait till Friday’s court hearing, if the Judge will accept the bids. The answer was NO due to the value of the parks. It has been noted that the value has gone down.

Saturday’s Meeting

October 15, 2010

We will have a very good meeting on Saturday, after talking to the previous owner last night and the Liberty Twp. Trustee’s. The people who come to the Saturday meeting will get the update first. So please come and get involved.

Praying for Memphis

October 11, 2010

Pray for Memphis.. He has liver diease..
startingover4 · Pass a Note!
Posted 07/29/2010 Hi Everyone.. We just found out one of our triplets Memphis has a rare liver disease Biliary atresia He was born without a gallbladder so we know there is no blockage there. The cause of this is unknown as it is so rare but they do know that it does not run in the family and it has nothing to do with what happened in the pregnancy. He will be getting surgery on it tomorrow in Pittsburgh but, we don’t know what the outcome will be because of his age. This is so hard for us to deal with. There is so much going on right now with him,my husband being sick,and 3 other kids to take care of.. The hospital is 2 hours from home and our insurance doesn’t want to pay for anything.. Everything is just adding up and I’m so stressed. Going 25 different ways. Anyway a friend of mine started a facebook prayer page and I am just asking everyone to join and keep Memphis in your thoughts..!/pages/Praying-for-Memphis/114043065312719?ref=mf

Our great grandson Memphis is one of the triplets is having a Liver Fund Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday Oct. 23rd from 1-6 pm. at the VFW in Hubbard. Dinner Tickets are $6.00 each with a Chinese Auction and a 50/50 My wife and I have tickets here. Or if you want to give a donation we will forward it on. thx, Jim and Penny 330-539-9004
Thank you everyone!

Meeting 1st and 3rd Saturday’s

October 9, 2010

Peoples Voice INC.
1 Louise Lane
Girard, Ohio 44420
330-539-9004 Fax: 330-539-9004


PVI is a group, that remains in the community here to help the people with improvements and hopefully a better life. We try to get out information about what’s going on in the community, what changes about to come and we would like to ask all residents to get involved. If you own , rent to own, or renter. We need everyone to participate to make this do their part. If you are planning to live here in the future years and to own your home. We will make this a safe place to live again and a happy community. You must get involved to make this happen. Attend meetings give your ideas help make changes for a better community. Only sticking together we have POWER.

We must work together with the new owners letting him know we would like our community to be number 1, in Manufactured Home community, our voices will be heard and our community to be safe, and happy once again, and that people do care.

We meet the 1st and the 3rd Saturday’s at Denny’s at 4 pm. There will be a lot of changes, new rules that will be enforced if you want to be part of the solutions get involved. We will have the new owner attend the next meeting after the auction. To hear our voices and ideas of the people. We plan to have a full house.

If you are not a member call to find out how to become one. You can no longer sit back and complain about our community. If don’t want to be part of the solution then you might be part of the problem.


President Jim Haynie Vice President Terri Newton

Treasure Elsa Forsythe Secretary Mary Sue Peltz

Rumors and bad taste

October 8, 2010

June 29, 2010
The letter dated June 24th, 2010 No the association nor my self have said, that the park was closing, nor did we say not to pay your rent. I encourage you all to stay up to your obligations and to pay your rent as before. If you had read my message about bankruptcy you will find that this is all true. Yes the park will be sold as a Manufactured Home community. thx. Jim
Today I was in my home recovering from surgery the date is Oct 7,2010 and got the letter that you all got. THAT A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE are telling you not to pay your bills. As stated back in June I never said any officer of PVI are not telling anyone to hold back on paying there obligation of paying there rent. So please pay your lot rent, and your water bill. Thank you Jim

Just a Reminder, Be Ready

October 2, 2010

Being prepared for the fall and winter


1. Make sure heat tapes are working, plugged in, and cover your water meter. Insulate water lines with foam pipe insulation. (You can buy it at Handyman Hardware very cheap) Place fiberglass insulation around water meter and over crock.

2. On days or nights when the temperature outside or wind chill is 15 degrees or less, LET YOUR FAUCETS DRIP INSIDE YOUR HOME. ( running water doesn’t freeze.)

3. Check your skirting weekly . Tight skirting will prevent wind from getting under your home and freezing pipes your pipes.

4. Prepare your windows with plastic.

5. If you have Jealousy (roll out)windows, use small screws outside to keep them tight.

6. Oil all outside locks to keep them from freezing.

7. Check your doors for drafts, install weather stripping if needed.

8. Check snow shovels, make sure screws and rivets are tight.

9. Keep all sidewalks, steps, and porches free of snow, and salted.

10. Shovel on street next to sidewalk, so that the plow can see how far over to plow. If you see the plow in the park, PLEASE move your car, and tell your neighbors, so he can plow better, and not plow you in. If you don’t do this, don’t blame the plow driver, as he can’t plow over your car.

11. Park as close to the sidewalk as possible. DO NOT park out in the street, or with the back of your car sticking out in the street, Emergency vehicles have to get through.

12. Check with utility companies for possible budget, or heap plans available.

We of Peoples Voice are only here and organized, to help the residents of Vintage Village. We sincerely hope these tips will help you get through the winter with few as problems as possible.

The beginning of our Problems

October 2, 2010

For some residents living in the Vintage Village Estates in Liberty, enough is enough.  “The managers and the owners of this park are letting people down,” said resident Jim Haynie.

Haynie, a 16 year resident of the community, says questions concerning charges on water bills, the existence of black mold, broken windows and skirting issues are just some of the problems being ignored.  “We’ve talked to them.  We’ve had meetings with them,  We’ve had meetings as an organization and we can’t get results,” said Haynie.

Haynie has enlisted the help of Bill Geniella from Ohio’s Association of Manufactured Home Residents.  Geniella says the owners had promised months ago to look into certain issues, but that has yet to happen.  “I drove through the community this morning.  The problems that existed in October, November, December still exist,” Geniella said.

Geniella says state representatives and the Trumbull County Department of Health have not helped, and that’s a problem, since some laws may be being broken according to state law.  “But that’s not unusual throughout the state of Ohio right now,” Geniella said.

Proposed legislation is in the works that would transfer enforcement of rules and regulations inside communities like these from the Ohio Department of Health to the state’s Manufactured Housing Commission.  Ohio’s State Legislature does not reconvene until September, but that’s fine for someone like Jim Haynie.  “I’ll do whatever I have to do.  I’ll just keep on going.  I’ve always been known for that,” Haynie said.

Calls to the owners of the Vintage Village Estates were not returned at the time this story was posted.

To read more on the community go to under search type in Vintage Village