The beginning of our Problems


For some residents living in the Vintage Village Estates in Liberty, enough is enough.  “The managers and the owners of this park are letting people down,” said resident Jim Haynie.

Haynie, a 16 year resident of the community, says questions concerning charges on water bills, the existence of black mold, broken windows and skirting issues are just some of the problems being ignored.  “We’ve talked to them.  We’ve had meetings with them,  We’ve had meetings as an organization and we can’t get results,” said Haynie.

Haynie has enlisted the help of Bill Geniella from Ohio’s Association of Manufactured Home Residents.  Geniella says the owners had promised months ago to look into certain issues, but that has yet to happen.  “I drove through the community this morning.  The problems that existed in October, November, December still exist,” Geniella said.

Geniella says state representatives and the Trumbull County Department of Health have not helped, and that’s a problem, since some laws may be being broken according to state law.  “But that’s not unusual throughout the state of Ohio right now,” Geniella said.

Proposed legislation is in the works that would transfer enforcement of rules and regulations inside communities like these from the Ohio Department of Health to the state’s Manufactured Housing Commission.  Ohio’s State Legislature does not reconvene until September, but that’s fine for someone like Jim Haynie.  “I’ll do whatever I have to do.  I’ll just keep on going.  I’ve always been known for that,” Haynie said.

Calls to the owners of the Vintage Village Estates were not returned at the time this story was posted.

To read more on the community go to under search type in Vintage Village


One Response to “The beginning of our Problems”

  1. mary burton Says:

    I am saddened by the fact that your organization thinks managers aren’t doing their jobs. I am doing what I can to weed out the problems. I work very hard to get things done for this community unlike others here who work for the park I have wanted this job inorder to help the community and go above my duties to help all. I live here too (4 years)not like holleys/shalls I am working hard to improve community. Ask the people I have helped get improvements made to their homes.

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