Rumors and bad taste


June 29, 2010
The letter dated June 24th, 2010 No the association nor my self have said, that the park was closing, nor did we say not to pay your rent. I encourage you all to stay up to your obligations and to pay your rent as before. If you had read my message about bankruptcy you will find that this is all true. Yes the park will be sold as a Manufactured Home community. thx. Jim
Today I was in my home recovering from surgery the date is Oct 7,2010 and got the letter that you all got. THAT A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE are telling you not to pay your bills. As stated back in June I never said any officer of PVI are not telling anyone to hold back on paying there obligation of paying there rent. So please pay your lot rent, and your water bill. Thank you Jim


One Response to “Rumors and bad taste”

  1. Mary Says:

    These people need to look in the mirror to see where there real problem is. It is a lot easier for them to blame someone else for their troubles than blame themselves. As a representative of PVI I have NEVER told anyone not to pay their rent. In fact I have encouraged them to pay their rent on time. I know of one couple that said they were not going to pay their rent this month until the work is done in their home as promised and until they get their title. I told them they could get evicted for not paying their rent.

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