Liberty Twp Info.


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Liberty Township, Ohio
1315 Churchill – Hubbard Rd ● Liberty Township, Ohio 44505 – 1378 ● Phone: (330) 759 – 1315
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The Liberty Township Police Department is thrilled to announce the institution of an alerts system called NIXLE. This system will allow us to send out emails and text messages to our residents about important news and information including emergencies. Please click on the link below to read more about NIXLE and how to signup/register. When registering and it asks for your city or community, enter Youngstown and select Youngstown, OH it will display Liberty Township as a community.


Special NOPEC electrical usage additional discounts for members
Click for Details
**SPECIAL NOPEC Dominion gas rates – July 15, 2010**

*** New service at the Township Building ***
The Box Connection is now open Monday – Friday from 10-5 P.M.
They offer convenient box and FED-X shipping and also sell U.S Postage Stamps.
Community Trick or treat – Sunday, October 31st 5-7 PM. Recycle Liberty!!

If you do not have curbside recycling you can take your recyleables to the container placed at the Liberty High School. The container will remain at this location as long as it is being utilized and serviced at least once a month. The container is for commingled materials; plastics #1-#7, glass all colors, tin steel and aluminum cans.


One Response to “Liberty Twp Info.”

  1. mary Says:

    this sounds like a good program I am glad we can have such a service. recycling too is a good thing if people just use it maybe we can cut back on garbage, I have recycled for years but had to go clear to logans fire station glad to know one is closer.We also needed a place to send fed x and buy stamps sometimes when u have trouble getting far it is good to have things here in liberty.

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