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Another Court Hearing

November 27, 2010

On December 02 at 4pm. there will be another hearing for the Holley’s, everyone hopes this will be it, but all we can do is wait and see.


Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

The officers of PVI would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. The next move by the courts that they will appoint a reciever ship and this will remove the Holley’s. I’m thinking this may not take affect until sometime in December. Yes we are all holding on and waiting for new changes. You all should have my email address if not here it is. Any questions or concerns you can also click on the comments and send one. thx.

Veterans Discounts

November 7, 2010

Home Depot and Lowe’s Military Discount
Home Depot and Lowe’s have long been known to offer a 10% holiday discount to military members and their families and in many cases veterans and retirees. These promotions were usually limited to the main military holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. Well, no longer – both companies have announced these offers are available every day of the week.
“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave .. . :: Elmer Davis”.. ..

Liberty Twp Post Office

November 2, 2010

*** New service at the Township Building ***
The Box Connection is now open Monday – Friday from 10-5 P.M.
They offer convenient box and FED-X shipping and also sell U.S Postage Stamps.