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Meeting in the Hall

December 29, 2010

Yes today is the day that Bob Greenwald, will let everyone know our position here in the park. If you haven’t sent in a letter to him yet, it will have to be faxed asap. The meetings will be at 3pm and at 5pm. The 3pm will be for Country Squire, and Butler. the 5pm is for StateLine and Vintage Village. The one question still in my mind is. How do we know that the cash that was turned in with a $25. discount if you paid cash before Dec 02,. How do we know that it won’t be added on later to another month. Where do we send our checks to? Nothing was posted yet, for that. Let’s hope we get answers today on all of these questions, and more. Like the sewer system!

UPDATE:  Yes the meeting was good, it was explained to all that they will follow the rules of the park. With no excemption to the rules. He also stated that the EPA could come in at anytime and shut down the park. I was told that as long as the park is in bankruptcey, it can’t be touch it’s under federal protection, but he is a lawyer.  We have a change of commands we must use first. First we have to see the Manager first, Martin or Mary, then Kathy, and then Bob Greenwald as last resort. Him and his team has a lot to deal with in keeping the parks up and running. We need to work together as a team, to make it for 2 to 3 months until the park can be sold. Our next meeting will be the third Saturday in January at Denny’s unless we can use the hall. I will check into it. Well I just got a call from Kathy and she checked with Bob Greenwald and he approved us to use the hall. So all are welcome to our meeting if you live in the park. Our next meeting will be the third Saturday in January, unless we have issues we want to work on now.

Please you can click on comments underneath and leave me a message I’m looking for your comments. thx. Jim


Meeting on the 29th at 5 pm

December 23, 2010


If you haven’t gotten a letter yet from Mary, She is passing out the letter, from Bob Greenwald.  He is asking for people to get together, about our issues. I have been generating a list of issues, if you would like to sign my list I will have it here for you to sign. You can stop by and read and sign. Or you can add your list to it. We need to know you are with us. I have listen to most of you with these issues. Let’s all come together.

My knees are gone bone on bone they want me to have surgery, I just don’t know. I have been looking for kids or younger persons to go door to door and get everyone to sign it. No one as come forward yet. thank you Jim


December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas from the officers of PVI, we wish you the best, and a very new and bright new year. To be free from the Holley’s will give us a much brighter year. Lets all give thanks to all are Veterans that give us our freedom to be able to speak the way we feel . We forget to easy, all the great things that we do have, that many don’t have, it’s the time for all are men and women fighting for us to come home safe.

Todays meeting

December 19, 2010

We have discussed the issues of our community, we also talked about what will happen now. We are finding that many people of our community are waiting to see if the receiver can help us or not.  I insured everyone that we do have a chance to repair our community. I also talked about our hope of being free of certain persons, in our community, that everyone also had a concerns about. I feel real confident in the new receiver as he stated in his letter to all of us, we will meet before the end of the year. He is  for the courts Robert Greenwald. I also feel this trumbull county judge is also for us, as were the Federal judge was. We will also follow the Trumbull county courts on all these issues. thank you,   Jim

Trash Pick up

December 17, 2010

Martin was here to talk and give me input on the trash, and the phones. The trash will be picked up on Saturday. The phones will be turned back on when they get the phones transfered over to the park. Please be patient, and lets work to bring this around for all of us. Martin has his hands full with water freeze up. I WILL POST AGAIN WHEN THE PHONES ARE TURNED ON!

 Thank you

Movie Ohio’s inferno

December 15, 2010

Ohio’s Inferno Honors Liberty Township

zombiewick | December 15, 2010 at 2:27 am | Categories: info, press, thanks | URL: Like this, but with lots more snow and darkness


The Director honored the Liberty Township administration this past Monday evening during one of their monthly summits by presenting them with DVD copies of Ohio’s Inferno for their viewing pleasure. Well, as pleasant as it is to watch of the events of Ohio’s Inferno unfold, anyway. The Director thanked the government officials for their assistance with the film’s completion through their generous actions of cooperation through interviews and information.  The officials were pleased with the Director’s praise and stated that they looked forward to viewing the film.

The whole ceremony was so moving that one person of about the dozen in attendance was rumored to have engaged in clapping, thus making the night a complete success!

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Our next meeting

December 14, 2010

This Saturday is our next meeting, the 18th I hope to see all show up. It’s open to all our comunity. A letter is going around to some of you, about letting the recievership know how you feel and what is needed done. I know many of you have wished that they would replace all the management, if that is the way you feel express your feelings and just say what you feel. I haven’t seen the letter, but that is what I have been told.

At our last meeting I ask every to the same thoing and bring to our next meeting. SEE YOU ALL AT DENNY’S ON SATURDAY AT 4: PM!!!!!

If you haven”t done it; you may want to

December 14, 2010



1. Make sure heat tapes are working, plugged in, and cover your water meter. Insulate water lines with foam pipe insulation. (You can buy it at Handyman Hardware very cheap) Place fiberglass insulation around water meter and over crock.

2. On days or nights when the temperature outside or wind chill is 15 degrees or less, LET YOUR FAUCETS DRIP INSIDE YOUR HOME. ( running water doesn’t freeze.)

3. Check your skirting weekly . Tight skirting will prevent wind from getting under your home and freezing pipes your pipes.

4. Prepare your windows with plastic.

5. If you have Jealousy (roll out)windows, use small screws outside to keep them tight.

6. Oil all outside locks to keep them from freezing.

7. Check your doors for drafts, install weather stripping if needed.

8. Check snow shovels, make sure screws and rivets are tight.

9. Keep all sidewalks, steps, and porches free of snow, and salted.

10. Shovel on street next to sidewalk, so that the plow can see how far over to plow. If you see the plow in the park, PLEASE move your car, and tell your neighbors, so he can plow better, and not plow you in. If you don’t do this, don’t blame the plow driver, as he can’t plow over your car.

11. Park as close to the sidewalk as possible. DO NOT park out in the street, or with the back of your car sticking out in the street, Emergency vehicles have to get through.

12. Check with utility companies for possible budget, or heap plans available.

We of Peoples Voice are only here and organized, to help the residents of Vintage Village. We sincerely hope these tips will help you get through the winter with few as problems as possible

Warren Tribune

December 13, 2010

Park owners file for bankruptcy

December 13, 2010 – By JOE GORMAN Tribune Chronicle
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LIBERTY – Things may be on the mend at a Belmont Avenue mobile home park.

Jim Haynie, head of the People’s Voice Inc., an advocacy group for residents of the Vintage Villas Mobile Home Park, says residents are being permitted to remain in their homes in the park despite recent court action involving the park’s owners, Ronald and Marsha Holley.

The Holleys filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April, and this past week a receiver, Robert M. Greenwald of SS&G Financial Services Inc. was appointed to oversee the park.

The Holleys also are undergoing foreclosure proceedings on the park in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court, which appointed the receiver.

Efforts to reach the Holleys for this story were not successful.

Residents have complained for years about conditions at the park, which include some homes that have moldy floors and bad roofs, along with vacant and unsightly properties and an increase in calls to the police.

”You name it, we got it,” Haynie said.

Also last week, zoning officials from Liberty were on hand looking over some of the problem homes and properties at the park, Haynie said.

Haynie, who has lived in the park for 17 years, said he has spoken to the park’s previous owner, and that person has expressed an interest in buying the park back.

He said progress has been made since the Holleys filed for bankruptcy.

”I’m very pleased,” Haynie said.

One issue is that residents would like to reduce the number of renters because they want to see people who will put down roots and make a commitment to stay.

”Renting is a big issue,” Haynie said. ”We don’t even know who our neighbors are.”

Haynie said residents have been told they can stay while the issue of the park’s ownership works its way through the courts.

Recievership Takes over Tday 12/10/2010

December 10, 2010

Yes it is true a recievership has been appointed by the courts his name is Robert M. Greenwald from Cleveland more information will follow. The Holley’s are done as of today also. Amen!

I need a list from the people of Vintage Village of what you would like seen done  in the near future please list it and send to my email address

What do we need to be done first, second, third and etc. please let me know on how you feel  ASAP. THANK YOU