Saturday’s meeting Dec. 03. & Court


Yes we have a meeting on Saturday at Denny’s at 4 pm. This should be a very good meeting over todays court heaaring. If you can’t make it check back on Friday night or Saturday for the results.

OUR meeting was good we got some good intake from some of the residents, on our next plans. 1. We will work with the recievership to get this community back in condition. 2. We have to wait for the Trumbull county to appoint a recievership. The recievership will have a meeting with the residents of our community. They will tell us what will happen very soon, on how we can help to make this happen. The impression from the judge was that they will start with all new management. Lets wait and see!


4 Responses to “Saturday’s meeting Dec. 03. & Court”

  1. mary Says:

    Is this what the judge ment when she told bank to make it easy on the tenents? NO we are told by the bank that all managers and maintence keep jobs to make the transition easy on the tenents. And I’m sorry but we managers and maintence are doing are jobs the best we can with the money and resources we have available.It takes a lot to run a park like this and when people not wanting to pay rent because being told by organization not to and owners not spending money. How can we fix up park. As for the boarded up unfixed/boarded up houses privately owned or rentals do u know. This park can be a nice park but we need to get rid of theives and teenagers that are out running streets breaking into peoples homes/cars.

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    Mary, you were not there at the last hearing. The judge said this was the poorest management to let this place go like this.First you were not told by the bank, that you were keeping your jobs. No one can guarntee you your job. When the recievership comes in they will bring in there people per the Judge of Trumbull county. The organization that you are talking about, of telling people not to pay the rent I would like to know the name of that organization so we can take of this slander. The owners don’t know who owns what per all the taxes they owe on so many homes. Please don’t make up things when you don’t know per you, not by someone talking to you for comments.

  3. mary Says:

    ok we will wait and see,concerning are jobs thats what we were told.I will always love and care about this park even before I was manager I would walk around park least twice week picking up trash. I moved into this park about 4 years ago I see what it was then I see what it is now.I may have only worked for park 7 months but I did see changes for better until bankrupcy started and holleys started not giving us money to operate.As manager/tenent of this park I personnally have talked to many tenents, and if more people would just speak to us managers without public being involved things can be done.And that doesn’t mean calling in a complaint loud music(day) and 5 minutes later calling police before manager can even get there to talk to tenents.I have heard a couple people say park no better before Holleys took over. As for taxes owed I don’t know anything about that. I do know privately owned homes in the park need to be dealt with. house on corner of louise and lynn those people just were evicted and took front door which Holleys not spending money to replace.This park not bad we just have thieves,lots of teenagers with parents who stick up /lye for them/don’t care what they do. What ever happens happens I will always feel same way about park.

    • haynie9999 Says:

      If you are having problem with the kids in here maybe you need to follow the rules, and we wouldn’t have most of these problems. If people knew what will happen when they don’t follow the rules they will be evicted. The problem is not you it’s the way the top management let you run the park. Across the street from me people were evicted, the next day they were back, and they were escorted off by the police.

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