Meeting on the 29th at 5 pm



If you haven’t gotten a letter yet from Mary, She is passing out the letter, from Bob Greenwald.  He is asking for people to get together, about our issues. I have been generating a list of issues, if you would like to sign my list I will have it here for you to sign. You can stop by and read and sign. Or you can add your list to it. We need to know you are with us. I have listen to most of you with these issues. Let’s all come together.

My knees are gone bone on bone they want me to have surgery, I just don’t know. I have been looking for kids or younger persons to go door to door and get everyone to sign it. No one as come forward yet. thank you Jim

2 Responses to “Meeting on the 29th at 5 pm”

  1. Gayle Says:

    The people in State Line would like to come to the meeting but it is hard for many to do so. If some one could go down there it would help. Many do not like Kathy stiil working for the park.And ther is so much to be done to the park as it is bad down ther. I dont live there know more but my sister and friends do and i well try to help any way i can for them.I was tired of Kathy lies to my self and other and how she was with people. I such hope she can be out soon.Is ther any thing that can be done to get her out i sure hope so and if we can help in any way let us know please. thank you Gayle & Ed

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    I have forward your message to the receivership, about your concerns on everyone getting rides. The little room we have will not hold both parks. I feel alot just won’t go because of Kathy. That is wrong, there is nothing that she can do to you now. We need as many as can show up, and take back the information to your other members that can’t make it.

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