Meeting in the Hall


Yes today is the day that Bob Greenwald, will let everyone know our position here in the park. If you haven’t sent in a letter to him yet, it will have to be faxed asap. The meetings will be at 3pm and at 5pm. The 3pm will be for Country Squire, and Butler. the 5pm is for StateLine and Vintage Village. The one question still in my mind is. How do we know that the cash that was turned in with a $25. discount if you paid cash before Dec 02,. How do we know that it won’t be added on later to another month. Where do we send our checks to? Nothing was posted yet, for that. Let’s hope we get answers today on all of these questions, and more. Like the sewer system!

UPDATE:  Yes the meeting was good, it was explained to all that they will follow the rules of the park. With no excemption to the rules. He also stated that the EPA could come in at anytime and shut down the park. I was told that as long as the park is in bankruptcey, it can’t be touch it’s under federal protection, but he is a lawyer.  We have a change of commands we must use first. First we have to see the Manager first, Martin or Mary, then Kathy, and then Bob Greenwald as last resort. Him and his team has a lot to deal with in keeping the parks up and running. We need to work together as a team, to make it for 2 to 3 months until the park can be sold. Our next meeting will be the third Saturday in January at Denny’s unless we can use the hall. I will check into it. Well I just got a call from Kathy and she checked with Bob Greenwald and he approved us to use the hall. So all are welcome to our meeting if you live in the park. Our next meeting will be the third Saturday in January, unless we have issues we want to work on now.

Please you can click on comments underneath and leave me a message I’m looking for your comments. thx. Jim


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