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Vintage Village Documentary

January 31, 2011

Ohio’s Inferno Honors Liberty Township « InfernoNet


Yes Saturday Meeting

January 27, 2011

Yes we are having a meeting for this Saturday, we are planning on working on a neighborhood watch program.  Plus we will be finishing up our list to Bob Greenwald for our improvements. You don’t want to miss. Please support us and come to the meeting.


We had a good meeting today, I talked about a neighbor hood watch on how we will work it.  I have talked to the Walmart Store Manager for his support. He will look into donating Walkie Talkies for our use in getting control of our problems. The police chief will offer support where it is needed. Our list will be generated for Bob Greenwald, we also need to know of any updates.  The input from the members are not happy on the progress of our community. Bob Greenwald said; it would take 3 to 4 months for a buyer for the park and for the courts to answer the banks request, and to sale  our community so they can get there money back.. Many members are not happy on getting late water bills so they can get out there checks so it’s not late. We need to get out the bills earlier.

If you are interested in helping with our neighborhood watch, please contact me and let me know.

ps: The gentlemen doing the plowing said; if you remove your car when he is plowing he will do a better job on your street. Please remove your car when you see him and he will plow your area.


January 26, 2011

“Skirting is required in this park and on each and every home.” Why is that?  Many times we residents question the Rules and Regulations that are given to us when we locate in a manufactured home community. Yet many of them have in mind the health and safety of all residents. Sometimes the standards set in these Rules are higher than what is stated by the State or Federal Government. HUD and the Ohio State Ohio Revised Code do not require skirting. However, when the community Owner or Manager has it in their Rules and Regulations it is evident that they are concerned for our health and safety.  It’s time to recognize and appreciate their concern.

    Skirting provides: 1). A warmer floor in your home. 2). Help to keep the water pipes from freezing. 3). Keeps animals from dwelling underneath your home and destroying your wiring. 4). It is more sanitary. 5). Adds value to your home when you sell it. 6). Helps sell your home quicker. 7). Improves the appearance of your home. 8). When your home looks better it makes your neighbors’ home look better. 9). Strong winds cannot get under it to tip it over or destroy your home.

   We hope you see the value in the fact that skirting installed and maintained properly is really an asset to you in many ways ….. not just a liability.

Never Never, never give your social security number, Medicare number, checking account number, savings account number or any other numbers to anyone who calls you. By doing so, it could lead to financial destruction for you. It is generally safe to give this information when you place the call to a place of business such as a doctor, hospital, bank, department store or placing an order for merchandise. It is better to be safe than sorry.

January 15th Meeting update

January 16, 2011

I wanted to start and say we missed seeing the Manager’s  at the meeting. That was a big  disappointment for them not attending.  We need answers on these break ins and all the window breakings. They have caught and know who those kids are, and are not doing anything about, or are they doing something ?

We started to look into a block watch, we are looking the times that we need help from all are members. We also generated a list of what we needed done here in the park, we will list it all for the officers and Managers of the park to sign and forward to Bob Greenwald. We will need to get walkie talkies where we can communicate with each others. I will also check the need for support during the change over of owners. We also talked about the mail room again where kids are writing on the walls. If you have kids talk to them about this. We also want to make a bulitin board for the mail room so we can post information. If you have other suggestions please let me know.

I also like to thank everyone that showed up for the meeting and there inputs. I know that the game was on and some of you didn’t want to miss the game. The best part of the game was the second half, so the people didn’t miss much. so we had coffee time with friends, we worked issues. thx. again everyone!

Our next meeting will be the 29th at 4 pm.

January 15th meeting

January 14, 2011

Yes we will be having a meeting here in the hall, for everyone convince, We plan to have coffee for $1.oo refills free. We have a lot to talk about!
1. first we have to talk about a neighbor hood watch!
2. What everyone can do to help!
3. Managers and workers are also invited !
If you live in the park you are invited, if you have any extra chairs and would like to donate to the hall please bring them.
We all live here and this is your chance to be heard. The time is 4:00 pm.

PVI’S Meeting

January 9, 2011

Yes we will have a meeting in the rec. hall  here in the park on this Saturday coming on January 15th at 4:00 pm.. We will cancel out at Denny’s and now have meetings here, since now we can use the hall.  Bob Greenwald has given us permission to use the hall. Thx Bob!

One thing we will be needing will be some extra chairs if anyone has any that you don’t need. I hope you all got the letter from Bob Greenwald explaining his last meeting as we had told him the best way to get info was to send in the mail.  He has done some of his job so far,  we need to do our job along with the managers.  I have been told that windows and kids are still breaking them and also breaking in homes.  We will be talking about a neighbor hood watch. It was mentioned that if you have a camera on your phone take pictures of the kids, if you don’t know them, and show them to the managers so they can do there job. I have been told kids are breaking into homes now, and the police came in for that breakin. If you want this to be a safe place to live, and not to worry about  coming home and see your home broken into or windows brokens. We need to come together, see you at the meeting on Saturday at 4:00 pm. REMEMBER YOU CAN CLICK ON COMMENTS AND GIVE OPINIONS ALSO.  or send me an email at

Thank you Jim!!!!!!!!!

2010 in review

January 2, 2011

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