PVI’S Meeting


Yes we will have a meeting in the rec. hall  here in the park on this Saturday coming on January 15th at 4:00 pm.. We will cancel out at Denny’s and now have meetings here, since now we can use the hall.  Bob Greenwald has given us permission to use the hall. Thx Bob!

One thing we will be needing will be some extra chairs if anyone has any that you don’t need. I hope you all got the letter from Bob Greenwald explaining his last meeting as we had told him the best way to get info was to send in the mail.  He has done some of his job so far,  we need to do our job along with the managers.  I have been told that windows and kids are still breaking them and also breaking in homes.  We will be talking about a neighbor hood watch. It was mentioned that if you have a camera on your phone take pictures of the kids, if you don’t know them, and show them to the managers so they can do there job. I have been told kids are breaking into homes now, and the police came in for that breakin. If you want this to be a safe place to live, and not to worry about  coming home and see your home broken into or windows brokens. We need to come together, see you at the meeting on Saturday at 4:00 pm. REMEMBER YOU CAN CLICK ON COMMENTS AND GIVE OPINIONS ALSO.  or send me an email at haynie9999@aol.com

Thank you Jim!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “PVI’S Meeting”

  1. mary Says:

    yes we do need neighborhood watch, this crime in here is due to mostly kids all hours of day 24/7 and us managers can’t be riding round park day and night.and if u havn’t found out yet all payments are to go still to main office in clinton, bank has taken over the office. Please make checks out toMr. Robert Greenwald receiver. Thank u

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    Thank you Mary yes we do need help from everyone to make this work, everyone here in the community are invited to come managers also.

  3. Terri Says:

    I think the kids who got caught on new years eve and the other night breaking into homes and the office, should all be evicted. It is crazy that you don’t want to leave your home for fear that these hoodlums will break in and take what isn’t thiers! Time to get rid of the bad eggs in this park!

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