January 15th Meeting update


I wanted to start and say we missed seeing the Manager’s  at the meeting. That was a big  disappointment for them not attending.  We need answers on these break ins and all the window breakings. They have caught and know who those kids are, and are not doing anything about, or are they doing something ?

We started to look into a block watch, we are looking the times that we need help from all are members. We also generated a list of what we needed done here in the park, we will list it all for the officers and Managers of the park to sign and forward to Bob Greenwald. We will need to get walkie talkies where we can communicate with each others. I will also check the need for support during the change over of owners. We also talked about the mail room again where kids are writing on the walls. If you have kids talk to them about this. We also want to make a bulitin board for the mail room so we can post information. If you have other suggestions please let me know.

I also like to thank everyone that showed up for the meeting and there inputs. I know that the game was on and some of you didn’t want to miss the game. The best part of the game was the second half, so the people didn’t miss much. so we had coffee time with friends, we worked issues. thx. again everyone!

Our next meeting will be the 29th at 4 pm.


2 Responses to “January 15th Meeting update”

  1. mary Says:

    I am very sorry I missed the meeting had it taped right to my computer.I really wanted to attend to help u all figure out what is going on in park. I believe I have a good reason for missing, My brother in law and myself had to take husband to er. seems he has got near nammonia(really congested),dehydrated,always tired and sleeping, I was giving him food to eat and behind my back come to find out he was throwing away. Well please pray for his healing.Thank u in advance for u’re forgiveness and prayers.

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    Thank you Mary we will put you and your husband in prayer.

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