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Neighborhood Watch

February 20, 2011

Our meeting started out with Detective Captain Toby A. Meloro from the Liberty Police Dept. talking to our group on Neighbor Hood Watch. His first statement was that it’s everyone in our community to watch over their neighbors homes. He said that we all know who lives next door or across the street in our general areas. He thought it was excellent idea of using the Walkie Talkies by a few good people.He also said; if is something serious please do not intervine call the experts the police who are trained in these problems. The number is 330-759-1511 or 911. We will give out one to certain persons in the community. To get started we can get 2 sets from the United Methodist Church at Churchhill. Thank you Pastor Dave Gilbert. This will be a starter for us. We will be looking for donations from anyone who would like to donate to get more Walkie Talkies. We need to raise another $80.00 for the other two sets if you want to donate see me. Thx. Jim Haynie 330-539-9004
Our next meeting March 5th at 4:00 pm.

We have heard that someone is buying all four parks from South Carolina, just don’t know there name yet. We are finding this might be just rumors again!


Mail Room

February 18, 2011

I made up a poster to let everyone know about our meeting on Saturday the 19th. What happened was someone took it down and threw it away in the trash. I took it out and put it back up, again it was taken down and someone else put it back up. Thank you to the one person. I came back again and it was ripped in half I took it and put it back so everyone can see what needs to be down. This problem falls back on the management and the receivership and they need to do something too. It needs to be painted, and a new bulletin board made,and a new outside door, and new light bulb. Who knows what happens to someone’s mail that has no door on there box. A door needs put up and only open the mail room for certain hours. This really tells me we have some work behind us, to correct these problems.

From the Warren Tribune

February 12, 2011

County pursues overdue water bill

Liberty trailer park in bankruptcy

February 6, 2011 – By RON SELAK JR. Tribune Chronicle

WARREN – Trumbull County is pursuing recovery of a delinquent water bill belonging to a Belmont Avenue mobile home park, the owners of which are now in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Jeff Adler, county assistant prosecutor, said the county filed a claim for payment last year when owners of Vintage Villas Mobile Home Park filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now that the court has agreed to convert the case to Chapter 7, the claim should transfer too, Adler said.

”We will pursue recovery through the bankruptcy,” Adler said.

The delinquent bill is $16,780, Rex Fee, executive director of the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer’s Office, said.

Payment of $1,273 was made on Jan. 25, but Fee said that amounts to a ”drop in the bucket,” toward paying off the sum, which keeps building because of delinquency fees.

The park, considered one account, has a master meter to purchase from Trumbull County, Fee said. Each resident then has an individual meter that measures usage.

Park owners Ronald and Marsha Holley filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would have allowed them to reorganize and stay in control of the company, in April 2010, but just last month, the court agreed to change the filing to Chapter 7, which allows the business to liquidate its assets to pay creditors.

The Holleys also are undergoing foreclosure proceedings on the park in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court, which appointed a receiver to oversee the park.

Efforts to reach the Holleys were not successful.

Robert M. Greenwald of SS&G Financial Services Inc., the receiver, said after being placed in charge, he contacted the utility providers, explained the situation and the need for uninterrupted service. As a court agent, Greenwald said, payments ”will be current from this point forward.”

The most recent payment was made from the Holleys’ checking account, which belongs to the bankruptcy estate. Attorneys had decided to allow whatever money was in the account to pay on outstanding debt, Greenwald said.

Meeting on Saturday the 19th.

February 12, 2011


Our next meeting on the 19th we will have Captain Toby Meloro from The Liberty Police to talk on our neighborhood watch along with the coordinator of the program Heather from the neighborhood watch program will also be here. We need to show them we are serious about our community. Please come to the rec. hall on next Saturday thank you Jim 
ps : Mary Burton sorry you can’t make the meeting our prayers are with you for a quick recovery from your surgery.


Managers and Recievership working with us

February 10, 2011

Mr. Haynie

As discussed earlier, we would like to open the lines of communication with the Association.  However, please realize that in consideration of our expense to the Property, we need to be efficient in how we coordinate this.  We would appreciate that your communications, whether to us or  General Management, be from only one representative of  the Association, to the Receiver’s Office/Management, and be in summary format (i.e. a culmination of suggestions/requests from a particular meeting and not regularly occurring emails throughout the day).  Please be respectful of our time and understand that it is less efficient for us to try to facilitate multiple communications of similar issues with multiple individuals.  In that sense, please understand that we are dealing with many pressing issues and we may not be able to satisfy, or even address, all requests that you have.  As noted in our resident meetings when we first took over the Property, we need some patience from the residents.  We trust that you will reiterate this to the Association members and other residents. Please consider the following parameters as we begin this relationship:

We would like to know about your plans for conducting the neighborhood watch program that you alluded to earlier in your email to Bob.  While we are in full support of improving the property, we need to be assured that the watch program will be conducted in a professional and constructive manner.  Please note that the neighborhood watch participants will have to obey all laws.  This includes, but is not limited to, laws pertaining to the possession and use of weapons as well as laws pertaining to searches and seizures.  If the watch program comes across illegal activity being conducted by a resident, the authorities should be contacted.  If laws are broken by members of the watch programs while performing their duties, we will treat the individual as we would any other member of the community and proceed to prosecute them.  We also request that the names and related contact information of those individuals that will be part of the watch program be emailed to us.  We also ask that you use discretion in the selection of members for this program and only chose those that are in good financial standing with the Property.  After all, if watch members are going to be essentially “policing” their peers, they should be setting a good example by being a model resident themselves.

We look forward to working with you in the future and to the continued improvement of the park.

Thank you.

Working Together

February 8, 2011

We will be looking into of getting better answers to our problems. As some of you know Mary our park manager has been attending our meetings and said; she really enjoys our meetings and learns alot. Thank you Mary!  As we have been talking of aneighborhood watch we plan to have in place after our next meeting on the 19th. If you want to help or have a concern please come to our meeting or talk to me. I will have invited guest at our next meeting, you may want to hear of our progress come to the meeting.

We have a new person working in collections, that is Kathy’s son. Some of you may know him.  Good luck Chuck!!!!!!

Liberty Township Community Neighborhood Watch

February 4, 2011

Police Department invite you to attend our first neigh-borhood watch for the southern area of the township. The meeting will be held at the Liberty Township Administration building located at 1315 Churchill Hubbard Rd. at 12:30 p.m. on February 5, 2011. The purpose of this neighborhood watch is to create an opportunity to get to know those living in your geographical areas, to open up lines of communication with the local police and to have better overall cooperation among residents in crime prevention efforts. The neighborhood watch builds confidence and encourages residents to take an active interest in on another‘s properties and livelihoods.


Water Water Water Water

February 3, 2011

Are you concerned about your water, come to the Saturday meeting and learn more????????????

UPDATE   We talked about a serious issue about our water there were talks about shutting off our water. Reason that no water bill was paid since July of only $1200.00 the bill is over $16,000.00. They have been told that the park is under Federal bankruptcy courts protection. They will need to attend the meeting on March 22nd. for the creditors along with all the rest that are owed money. You should have gotten that list in the mail to all residents.

Our neighborhood watch had many volunteers that want to help, we talked about the curfew of 9PM. for under 18 per the rules of the park. It was mentioned that parents should be made responsible for there actions. We need to raise about $165.00 for our Walkie Talkies. The police had the same meeting at the twp. that I attended many other residents in Liberty have the same problems as us. I also stated that Bob Greenwald wanted our issues per home not as a group. So I volunteered to fax there letter to him of there concerns, of what ever there concerns are from management on down or any other problems. I only ask that you are honest and fair of your request.

Meeting on Saturday 02/05/2011

February 3, 2011

Yes we have a meeting on Saturday in the rec. Hall the fist and third Saturday’s, please bring some ideas, for our neighborhood watch. We are open to suggestions on any other matters.  Please come and bring your neighbor!  thx Jim