Water Water Water Water


Are you concerned about your water, come to the Saturday meeting and learn more????????????

UPDATE   We talked about a serious issue about our water there were talks about shutting off our water. Reason that no water bill was paid since July of only $1200.00 the bill is over $16,000.00. They have been told that the park is under Federal bankruptcy courts protection. They will need to attend the meeting on March 22nd. for the creditors along with all the rest that are owed money. You should have gotten that list in the mail to all residents.

Our neighborhood watch had many volunteers that want to help, we talked about the curfew of 9PM. for under 18 per the rules of the park. It was mentioned that parents should be made responsible for there actions. We need to raise about $165.00 for our Walkie Talkies. The police had the same meeting at the twp. that I attended many other residents in Liberty have the same problems as us. I also stated that Bob Greenwald wanted our issues per home not as a group. So I volunteered to fax there letter to him of there concerns, of what ever there concerns are from management on down or any other problems. I only ask that you are honest and fair of your request.


2 Responses to “Water Water Water Water”

  1. Terri Says:

    I think it’s pretty funny how we all keep getting water bills but yet it seems like no one is reading meters or remotes. My son’s water has been shut off at the crock since October of last year, but yet he keeps getting water bills that range anywhere from 25$ to 50 some dollars.. and I know of other people in here with the same problem. At this point I swear they are just guessing.

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    It’s funny that there isn’t any foot prints in the snow. I feel after talking to so many people on the phone that there isn’t any change even with the Holley’s are gone. Sorry people I just hope we get this park sold asap.

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