Managers and Recievership working with us


Mr. Haynie

As discussed earlier, we would like to open the lines of communication with the Association.  However, please realize that in consideration of our expense to the Property, we need to be efficient in how we coordinate this.  We would appreciate that your communications, whether to us or  General Management, be from only one representative of  the Association, to the Receiver’s Office/Management, and be in summary format (i.e. a culmination of suggestions/requests from a particular meeting and not regularly occurring emails throughout the day).  Please be respectful of our time and understand that it is less efficient for us to try to facilitate multiple communications of similar issues with multiple individuals.  In that sense, please understand that we are dealing with many pressing issues and we may not be able to satisfy, or even address, all requests that you have.  As noted in our resident meetings when we first took over the Property, we need some patience from the residents.  We trust that you will reiterate this to the Association members and other residents. Please consider the following parameters as we begin this relationship:

We would like to know about your plans for conducting the neighborhood watch program that you alluded to earlier in your email to Bob.  While we are in full support of improving the property, we need to be assured that the watch program will be conducted in a professional and constructive manner.  Please note that the neighborhood watch participants will have to obey all laws.  This includes, but is not limited to, laws pertaining to the possession and use of weapons as well as laws pertaining to searches and seizures.  If the watch program comes across illegal activity being conducted by a resident, the authorities should be contacted.  If laws are broken by members of the watch programs while performing their duties, we will treat the individual as we would any other member of the community and proceed to prosecute them.  We also request that the names and related contact information of those individuals that will be part of the watch program be emailed to us.  We also ask that you use discretion in the selection of members for this program and only chose those that are in good financial standing with the Property.  After all, if watch members are going to be essentially “policing” their peers, they should be setting a good example by being a model resident themselves.

We look forward to working with you in the future and to the continued improvement of the park.

Thank you.


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