Mail Room


I made up a poster to let everyone know about our meeting on Saturday the 19th. What happened was someone took it down and threw it away in the trash. I took it out and put it back up, again it was taken down and someone else put it back up. Thank you to the one person. I came back again and it was ripped in half I took it and put it back so everyone can see what needs to be down. This problem falls back on the management and the receivership and they need to do something too. It needs to be painted, and a new bulletin board made,and a new outside door, and new light bulb. Who knows what happens to someone’s mail that has no door on there box. A door needs put up and only open the mail room for certain hours. This really tells me we have some work behind us, to correct these problems.


2 Responses to “Mail Room”

  1. mary Says:

    As for the mailbox doors broken if u have mailbox no door u need to contact post office, as for door on mailroom i agree something needs to be done liked lean to idea look at other parks have open boxes just cover over them.

  2. haynie9999 Says:

    The problem with the open doors that are broke or missing they the Post Office say’s they are so old they have no replacements, for our mail room. Mary good luck in the hospital, best wishes.

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