Neighborhood Watch


Our meeting started out with Detective Captain Toby A. Meloro from the Liberty Police Dept. talking to our group on Neighbor Hood Watch. His first statement was that it’s everyone in our community to watch over their neighbors homes. He said that we all know who lives next door or across the street in our general areas. He thought it was excellent idea of using the Walkie Talkies by a few good people.He also said; if is something serious please do not intervine call the experts the police who are trained in these problems. The number is 330-759-1511 or 911. We will give out one to certain persons in the community. To get started we can get 2 sets from the United Methodist Church at Churchhill. Thank you Pastor Dave Gilbert. This will be a starter for us. We will be looking for donations from anyone who would like to donate to get more Walkie Talkies. We need to raise another $80.00 for the other two sets if you want to donate see me. Thx. Jim Haynie 330-539-9004
Our next meeting March 5th at 4:00 pm.

We have heard that someone is buying all four parks from South Carolina, just don’t know there name yet. We are finding this might be just rumors again!


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