Meeting Today


Come and bring your neighbor, today we work on our neighborhood watch. We need everyone on the same page to make this to work. The crime, drugs, and window breaking must stop for us to bring back our community, and to be proud of where we live. Today at 4:00 PM.

Results on todays meeting: We disscussed the Neighborhood watch today and it’s a go. It’s everyones responsibley to help, it is your community too. If you see something happening in your area call the police number 330-759-1511. We all know our neighbors and we need to help each other so we work together. I attended a meeting today at the Township the topic was you guess it neighborhood watch. This was for the south-end of the TWP. From Hadley to Gypsey Lane a very big area. I thank you all for your support in advance, I know you all want our community cleaned up. Because we had 66 hits on our web site as of 6:00 PM. thx Jim


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