Todays Meeting Teen’s and Regular Meeting


We the board sat and waited for teens to come to the meeting today, at 2:pm. We had a no show for all the teens here in our community. NOT ONE
Yes not one, it shows to me they are not interested in seeing improvements here in our community, nor and maybe there parents too. I’m sorry that no one cares about our community except for a handful, that cares the burden for the rest.

We started our neighborhood watch, it’s going great. Just remember the neighborhood watch is instructed to go by the rules of our community. As long as everyone goes by the rules there will be no problem. No drugs, no loud music, no fighting, no breaking the curfew ruls are 9PM for teens and 11PM for adults. These are not PVI rules, but the Community rules. Kathy, Mary and Nicole also must enforce them. It’s the rules.

It looks like the people are worried, like if the Holley’s were still in control, they are not, they are gone. There is a creditors meeting on Tuesday in Akron we plan to attend to get answers on whats happening in here with our community. Everyone should be concerned about our community. What would happen if they decided to close our community, there would be no chance for meetings then. When it’s to late it’s to late for anyone to help. It’s time to get involved now. Where would everyone go if they did close ??????


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