Meeting April 2


It’s hard to believe that April is here, we all just couldn’t wait for spring to come. As you all know by now we have our neighbor hood watch working. So many of you have said; we need to get control of our park ( but use the word community), because that is what we are a community. I have worked very hard to keep the community alive. Now it’s your turn to help. I have said; that our teens need to bring information to our table. I have not given up on them, as I have not given up on you. We need the teens to come to the meeting on the second (02,) to voice there opinion at 3: pm., as well as you to come at 4:00 to voice your opinion. We have information to tell about the creditors meeting that we went to. We don’t want it out until we can tell you face to face.
As you know we have moved from Denny’s back to the Hall here in the community for all of us to share. The problem we have we don’t have a secured meeting room, if you have the pass code you can get into the hall.
Jerry Apel told me he wanted to get Vintage Village back, he would turn over the hall to us as ours’ to use to make this a better place to live. I wanted to get our lot rent down to the other communities of any where from $200-220. not the $255-295.and some as much as $325.that the Holley’s have bled us into. I wanted to do that so we could charge maybe $5. -$10.per month so we would have money to use to improve things for our teens, to have activity’s for them to show others that yes we can make improvemnets our selves. As I keep hearing from everyone in here is that no one see’s any improvements, this will take some time to accomplish. It didn’t get this way overnight, it took the Holley’s over 7 years to make it this way. Yes we need all to come together and help us make things happen. thank you, Jim Come to the meeting


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