Creditors Meeting


The trustee hit them really hard! She wants them to provide info. on all of there business, and all there rentals and all income. They had 28 titles in her hands, she wanted to know about the total of about 138 titles. What kind of income properties they had, and that money should be going to the bank. Along with the price of these homes are worth. What about all these homes, they were renting out and they didn’t even own. They were offering homes to sale, homes without titles. Ron stated that they didn’t have time nor good help to handle, it’s hard to get good help.

She wanted to know of what business he is doing now, he said A1A carpet cleaning and he had to spend $800 for the machine, she wanted to know how or where he got that money. She noticed Marsha’s ring on her finger and told her to go down the street to so and so Jewelers, and have them appraised both rings his and hers. She asked about the motor home and the bank took that back the value of about $128,000.00. This have to be appraised also. She asked about a bucket T. Marsha said; it wasn’t worth anything. She then asked about the rental property’s that they were collecting rent on, she said; that belongs to the bank also.She wanted to know where they are now living, Marsha said in Norton. (Supposedly She never mentioned they had a condo in Florida or and a home,where they had been living, and put it in her sons name.) I said; nice sun tans, Ron said; he’s been working outside, no where around here have we had sun? Plus cleaning carpets isn’t outside work!

THE GOOD PART! She wanted to know about there taxes that they have done up the past years, and this year she wants to see since they took over the parks. Then she said; what about your corporate taxes? Have you done those yet.Ron said NO. Then when was the last year you had taxes for the business’s Ron said; about the year 2000. She never asked about HMR SUPERIOR, nor Knox gas. There business’s name the past several years.

I just handed over to her the back tax’s that was in the newspaper the Warren Tribune. She said; I would like to make a copy of this, I said; you can have it! With all the excitement I forgot to mention the $16,000.00 water bill in Trumbull county. Plus nothing was mentioned about management going around and asking for cash instead of checks or money orders. I guess she was never aware of this. They were telling people that, this was ok until Dec. 02 of that meeting date, but they were doing it since October through December. I guess that will come around someday.
This was a good experience to see what really happens in these issue’s. I just feel so bad of all the families, and so many people they had hurt.

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