Meeting Saturday 4/16


I guess the teens aren’t interested on in putting in there views, at the past meeting again there was a NO SHOW AGAIN. We will move on, and have our regular meeting at 4:00 pm. One topic will be taxes, information I got from Liberty Twp. meeting this past Monday from the County Treasure. It was very interesting, they have a new program, they are introducing. If you are behind on paying taxes beware. See you all at the meeting. We will still serve coffee and tea for $1.00 FREE REFILLS. THX’S Jim

Our meeting was great we started off about the Trumbull County Treasure, they will repo homes for back taxes. The program is called LAND BANK, they will go after homes that can’t pay there back taxes. The Trumbull County is 100% behind this. I will contact the bank lawyer, and have a talk about our community, more to follow on this. Letters will be written to the editor of NEW YORK TIMES to work on issue’s of our communityand others, for our life styles, what can be done to improve them.. We also talked about the neighborhood watch we have several teens looking for trouble, they will be finding it very soon. The police will be watching for many problems with the teens, along with the neighborhood watch. Paul Griffin showed pictures of the first pictures of school buses in Liberty Twp. They we made by his grandfather and his father. I’m so sorry that some of you missed out on our meeting.


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