Community Rules


Mary Burton has talked to the bank and after 11:00 PM. we are to call the police, or call the neighborhood watch, and the Manager. Liberty TWP. (as well as our rules) has a curfew in the twp. and that is 11:00 PM. THIS WILL BE ENFORSED!!!!

We have a new manager, working with Mary, her name is Tracy, welcome her to her new and hard job. GOOD LUCK TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was raised to say please & thank you, to have respect for my elders, lend a helping hand to those who were in need, hold the door for the person behind me, say excuse me when it was needed, and to love people for who they are, not for what you can get from them! I was taught to treat people the way I wanted to be treated! Good family values need.

Thank you all; for making this a better place to live.


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