Meeting on Saturday 5/21


The meeting should be very interesting! The question where do we stand? After the notice we got about the sale of our community. Who ? -When ? We all got the letter from the receivership, and we will talk about this, and go into looking on the possible new owners, and there intentions. I hope you all can attend this Saturday at 4:00 PM. in the rec. hall SEE YOU ALL AT THE MEETING

UPDATE: We had a good meeting the topic was there all the time. The possible the park being sold to a company called Rv Horizone Inc. There will be a hearing on June 9th to finalize the sale unless we get other bidders. Many members feel that they could have done alot more with the community in taking care of the area. The grass cutting is terrible and it looks like it needs to be cut again, and it was just cut. We also talked about the neighborhood watch. We need to step it up and keep our eyes open, 22 James is now empty , but somone was in it the other night, and 41 Louise is moving out too. Sorry to see so many people leaving. We can rebuild when the new owners take over.

The only thing that I didn’t read in those papers, that they had to sell the parks as mobile home parks per federal Judge???


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