Vintage Village Sold After 7 Years of Struggles for Residents

After struggling for more than seven years, residents of a Liberty Township mobile home park are finally breathing a sigh of relief.

The Vintage Village, along with three other parks, were auctioned earlier this week in court.

Residents said the previous owners had filed for bankruptcy, and the community had deteriorated.

The new owners, RV Horizons, of New York, are not disclosing the purchase price, but residents said they’re already seeing progress.( on WKBN )

per the spokesperson Jerry Hazelwood;
Trailers are being inspected to see which need repairs and which need to be removed from the park.

You have seen people checking out the empty homes to see what is needed, to fix or remove them. Plus they will bring in power washers in and paint will be supplied along with some new skirting for homes plus much much more per Jerry Hazelwood repsenting the owner from Colorado. More will be posted as needed or more info at next Saturdays meeting.

The PVI will hope to meet with owner and township officials soon to discuss the future of the park. thank you and Amen. Jim


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