Meeting on Saturday at 4:00 pm.


Yes we will have a meeting in the recreation hall to work on up coming events and what we might be able to do in getting ready for our new owners. What kind of improvements would you like to see? Give your suggestion’s! Rabies shots today that is Wednesday the 15th, from 1-3 in Liberty Park $10.00 cash. If you can’t make the meeting send me an email with your suggestion’s at thx. Jim

UPDATE: We started off talking about our new owners,Jerry Hazelwood, and Dave Reynolds. Jerry was the person checking out the empty homes here in the community, that needed to be replaced between 50-60 homes to be removed and replaced. After all the reading I have done, they like to update the homes from $10,000.- $30,000. If this happens that will be very nice. I’m sure they will have a zero tolerance here in the community, if they are planning to spend that kind of money. They are looking of doing a great deal of work as soon as they get ownership of the community. We were told that Kathy has gotten some quotes for doing the pot holes and is waiting for the company to respond, and do the job. Darlene Asked if we could get some shovels and brooms and sweep up the gravel and put back in the holes. I will check and see if we can borrow the shovels and broom’s
Tracy has made a statement about residents need to respond to our problems here in the park. If you hear something that doesn’t sound right to call the office the number is 330-539-5383 if you can’t reach leave a message and then call the police,330-759-1511, don’t hesitate we need everyone to understand this. You know who lives by you and who belongs and who don’t, this is our community lets all help. This means break-ins or loud music, or whatever. They will investigate the problem. If the police come for loud music, that could cost you as much as $185.00. That kind of money is better in your pocket than paying a fine. Darlene ask if we could all get together one day and sweep up all the loose gravel and to put it back in the holes. I will check to see if we can get some good brooms and shovels that will do the job. We all live here and we all need to come together and help a little. Even if you can do the holes in front of your own homes would be a big help. thx. Jim I will keep you all posted on more updates as it happens.


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