Saturday’s meeting


UPDATE: Our meeting started off with the secretary reading of the minutes, then the Treasure gave her report. We are looking for ways to get extra funds so more things can be done for our seniors and kids. The I started with the Holley’s got a new mailing address it’s in Florida. We talked about the problems with the dogs and cats. It was mention that your dog is a companion not something you tie out all day till 10-11 pm. then bring them in. The rules say to take out to do their business and bring in your pet to be your companion. Renters are breaking the rules for having pets.

I started to talk on the Federal courts of having more and more issues with titles for the homes the date for that is August 24, 2011. We also talked about people being picked out for the rules, and others are not getting them. This is harassment if certain ones are being targeted. We also talked more on the neighborhood watch, we need everyone to keep an open eye. We are also looking to have a party for our paid members that attend meetings.


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