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Mary Burton needs your help Plus

September 29, 2011

Mary Burton
having a good day so far its been quite, I do ask if anyone know about trucks my son 19 Tuttle needs a helper to fix a overheating truck. Also I will be in office tomorrow friday 3-5,saturday 11-1,monday 3-5 to collect rent payments…..please pass this on to all your friends/neighbors……..

Meeting Oct. 01, 2011

September 28, 2011

Yes we have a meeting on Saturday in the rec hall at 4:00 pm. If you got a survey please fill it out and give back to me or bring it to the meeting. The information is between us I do not give this info of your name and address unless you don’t mind who knows, like me I just say it the way it is. the meeting is at 4:00 PM. bring your neighbor. thx Jim


September 25, 2011

The bonfire was great,my grandson really enjoyed it. We got there at dark thinking, that would be a good time. We missed the start at 7:00PM, by Mike. That’s ok we still enjoyed it. I hope more people come next week, Mike said; we will have another one next week. THE BALL FIELD AT 7:00 PM THX Jim

Floor Scruber

September 23, 2011

Does anyone have a large floor scruber, we need to clean and wax the hall floor.

The Bankruptcy is Over

September 23, 2011

As of September the 15th the Federal courts ended the bankruptcy, so the Holley’s are free from their debtors. Now we have to move on and help get this place cleaned up, so IF someone comes in and goes through may want to buy our community. Remember our next meeting will be the first Saturday in October. We still need everyone to help. If you don’t have a mower let me know and we have people who cuts grass cheap, or should I say reaseable. There is a possible neighborhood bonfire this Saturday if Mike gets a permit and the weather permitting. thx Jim

Collections for the needy

September 18, 2011

Mary Burton is taking up collections for our residents that are expecting and have nothing. If you donate new-born clothes or any thing that help. She is accepting cash or whatever you can do. We can look back when we had loved ones that needed help and no place to turn, lets help. thx Jim

PVI’S Meeting: Special Guest Jodi Stoyak

September 18, 2011

Yes; we had our favorite Trustee at our meeting that has been our biggest supporter. She talk about giving a lift to Liberty Twp. In putting in side walks and new roads for over near the school that was in serious needs. She listened to our comments of the gangs running out of Youngstown and moving to other area’s. We need to keep our eye’s open to this, I saw a car go through here with six kids in a car they were wearing hooded sweat shirts. We need everyone’s help to keep your eye’s and ear’s open. With the receivership doing back ground checks we shouldn’t get new guest living here.
Others at the meeting were stating that they can’t get repairs done on their homes such furnace, gas lines leaking sinks bad the list goes on, just like in the hall they took down part a ceiling in the rest room and left it. the toilet drips water into it, please contact me if you are having those problems, so we can follow-up on them and get this done before we get hit with the real cold weather. People fill that this community is still being run as if the Holley’s were still here. I will be checking on who has to have a licence to do work in here.
As you can see the pot holes are still here, we will need trucks to get us in and out come winter. This is becoming a safety issues for emergency vehicles coming and going.

I have talked to Charter one to help with a fund-raiser for us. I also talked to First Merit Bank and they were very interested to work with me. I’m still working on Grants from the Federal Govt. they have about 34.8 Billon to give out for housing help.
Liberty Twp. has a new owner here that came in from Brockton, Ma. that might be interested in working on getting our community I will contact him on Monday.

We are trying to do a lot we could use a little support from our neighbors. One very special is to make sure you register to vote and vote for JODI STOYAK SHE HELPS ME A LOT AND GIVES US SUPPORT. She is behind us all!

On the bankruptcy side, the courts as warded Barbara Crowe her home in Butler community thx to our lawyer Bill Flevares & David Shepherd. They do have another person that might be going after the 4 communities, he is from Pa.

If you have any suggestions let me know thx. Jim


September 14, 2011

There is a site called ending spending that is on facebook it has a lot of interesting to read. Just like New york Seat for the senate, that has always been Democrats, the Republicans took for the first time nearly 100 years. The people are tired of them spending money wasteful. Check it out!!! ENDING SPENDING

The Hall needs a little help!

September 14, 2011

Maintenance have been working in the hall on some repairs, leak in roof coming down in the rest room. The hall floor needs to be scrubbed. Does anyone have or can borrow a floor scrubber? I have clean out the sinks of all of the paint that was left in for some time. We need a large floor scrubber.

Our next meeting

September 13, 2011

Just wanted to let you all know that we will have a meeting in the hall, with an invited guest from the twp. Just maybe the trustee can help? Come and find out! Saturday 17th at 4:00 PM.