Vintage Village hopes


We had a meeting than was a very hot day and room was very hot too, there were a lot of questions about management making their own rules and threats to a person or persons as they go. I said; we have rules that needs to be followed, we just don’t make rules as we go, that we need to work together, we all live here and that we need changes to be made for the best for when the new owner comes in.

Speaking of the new owner I found the email address for the New owner him self. I ask him of what was happening to our community? His response was I’m not buying the four parks, and that his right hand man Jerry Hazelwood, that was here several times checking out the empty homes and he is trying to find a new buyer. So here we go again! I will be looking into a couple things for some help with. Please I need all of your help, to come together as a community, and keep fighing for our lively hood , this where we live. Our next meeting will be the third Saturday the 17th. I will post as I find out more info. thank you Jim


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