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October 26, 2011

I have heard that we have a security officer here in the park. I have not been informed that we have such. Just be careful, if someone is trying to do this, and you experience this call the police. Let the Police work this out, plus I will inform them also. thx Jim


Water Testing

October 18, 2011

For the people who said; that they have bad water and that they get sick. Please call me I have 4 Sterile containers to have your water tested. The Health dept. wants $40.00 and they do it on Tuesday only. I have a lab in Austintown that will test for bacteria they will only charge us $30.00. So when you have $30. call me and I will come down and get a sample of your water and go and have it tested. Thank you Jim 330-539-9004


October 15, 2011

The managers are trying to put together a Halloween party for the kids. The date will be the same day as the TWP. October 29th the managers will hold Halloween party from 12-2 pm. and Halloween will be from 4-6 pm. We are asking everyone to turn their porch light on, so the halloweeners know where to stop. They are also looking for donations to help with the party.

We also talked about a grant that I have been working on. to try for some money to fix up the play ground,and funds to do other things we need. We also talked about free phones for people on food stamps,National school free lunch program, Medicaid, SSI, Temporary assistance to needy Families, low-income Home energy assistance program. The web site is or call 1-877-870-9444. This service is much better than the other one from Virgin Mobile, reach is from Verizon service, it has much better reception in here.

List for odd jobs: We will make a list for odd jobs for car work, snow shoveling, etc. Tracy is taking names for people who needs smoke alarms so see Tracy. Delmer and Crystal Shuck are no longer allowed in the community. The other thing I have been hearing for a while is bad water in here. We have filters on our drinking water. So I’m going to get 4 containers on Tuesday, and go to 4 homes through the community and get samples. The last thing I want to talk about Time Warner Cable if want to change over to them or just get the service call Steve Heidbrider at 1-866-502-2095 for the best deal going. Make sure you tell him you talked to me. thx. more updates will follow soon

Sorry for the people complaining about the water, that forgot about the meeting, or the one’s that had complaints. I’m still available thx. Jim

Autumn Fest (Relay for life of Liberty)

October 13, 2011

TIME: 10 A.M.-2P.M.

( Located behind Liberty Admin. Bldg.)

Come join us for a fun family day in the park! Activities include a fire truck demonstration,Halloween costume parade (11:30), Trick or Treat (12:15pm-1:30pm), pumpkins decorating and other great family activities!
There will also be crafts and food for sale.

Meeting Notice

October 11, 2011

Yes we have a meeting this Saturday 15th at 4:00 PM. There has been alot of stories going around. So we will just have to wait and see. See you all on Saturday. thx. Jim

Bill Forsythe

October 4, 2011

Our deepest sympathy for your lost of a great man. Bill (Twinkie) Forsythe will be missed by many. He has always been my right hand behind to what ever was needed, I will surely miss him.

I have a card here to be signed if the residents would like to donate and sign our card. Please stop by my home thx Jim I will update as soon as we get the updates It will be in Vienna at Hill Crest. The times will be posted soon.

UPDATE: The service will be at Crown Hill in Vienna it’s 3966 Warren Sharon Road this Thursday Oct. 6th Visiting hours will be from 11:00 AM to 12 NOON Worship Services to follow at noon. Lunch will follow the services at the Lutheran Church next door to the TWP. Administration Building on Churchill Road

Today’s meeting 10/01/2011

October 1, 2011

We missed a few people who said; yes I will be there! Several missed a pretty good meeting, we talked about the letter from Bob Greenwald. He really blew that sale, that he was going to make sure that,they would buy all four parks, and it would be good for all of the communities. By that letter we are back to the beginning looking for someone to buy the properties. I really don’t know if they reaaly did a good job on screening that buyer. I had heard that someone from PA. might be interested, I’m looking into it. I also have a contact here in Liberty willing to take over our community, but Bob Greenwald wants to sell all together.
I talked about the bankruptcy that as been discharged in Chapter 7 they are now living in Delray Beach, Florida, just file bankruptcy and move to Florida. I also talked about the little book that we get in the mail the JBDOLLAR STRETCHER in the magazine, they had an ad looking for help. Check on or call 330-793-7002.
I also talked about the communities around us only charging $220.00 per month, that includes water,sewer,and trash removal. The First Merit Bank has been in contact with me, and I will be sending info too.

We talked at our last meeting about JODI STOYAK SHE HAS BEEN A GREAT SUPPORTER TO ME AND OUR ASSOCIATION. We need to get behind her and vote for her. If you are not registered please register and help do another term, she is a worker for Liberty and for us. She was a big supporter for our neighborhood watch.

My last quest is for all of you to help me! A gentleman named Bill Forsythe has been my right hand since the beginning, we went and talked to lawyers the legal aid office. We did a lot of leg work and phone calling to get community to work with us. We tried a CO-OP that fell through but he didn’t quit, and it goes on and on. Today he has been in the hospital and nursing home back and forth for Kidney dialysis. Per his wife Elsa who lives at 9 James that this is the end, they can’t do anymore for him.Her son in Texas will be coming end and her grandson is in training in nursing in a Marine base for the Navy. I’m taking up a collection of what ever you can help with I will also have a card here on Sunday to sign. thank you Jim