Saturday Nov. 5th Meeting


Thankyou our neighborhood is everyone’s concern, it’s more important coming into the holidays now. Let’s all be aware of our neighbors as they will watch for you. I had noticed that the emergency wagon was in here I hope everyone is ok.

I started off talking about our new owner on how soon he may take over. I’m hoping asap like maybe by December if not by January. There is still a lot going on behind the scenes. They had just posted the sale of all the equipment that was sold in October, the one thing I didn’t see was the Ford Ranger Truck that was bought for the communities. Maybe they sold it, before the bankruptcy? The auction produced an income for the bank of $16,583.19 this was things such as back hoe bobcat etc.

Every one wanted to know if they will replace the management, I said; we just have to wait and see. We are still looking for ways to make money so we can do things to improve the community. I also talked about the elections for issue 2 on the voting guide we got in the mail, also to vote for Trumbull Transit that helps us all. If you need a ride it cost only $1.50 each way. The last thing about voting is we need to reelect Jodi Stoyak se she is our supporter.

The last thing was the following street lights are out and need to be fixed. Around the following locations is 14 Marla,32 Marla, 2 Lynn, 1 & 19 Kris, 17 Craig and 8 Scott we will need to call in to the electric company.


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