Our meeting is coming up on the 19th


Hey SANTA is coming to Liberty Twp admin. building Dec 10th at 4 pm. If you want a picture with Santa bring your camera. So mark your Calender It’s time for our meeting again, yes this Saturday at 4 PM in the hall. Our twp meeting was last night and more to talk about our neighborhood watch. This is getting very important in the Twp. The question is who is watching your home when you are not home?

UPDATE I just want to give an update of Saturday’s meeting We had talked about some private info that can’t be put in writing. The meeting was opened with the reading of the minutes by Mary the secretary. We went into talking our new owner and when he may take over, we all hope asap. Everyone agrees that nothing has changed in here, but people are moving out. The majority feels that our community is being run into the ground. If things don’t change soon, it will be to late for us. Myself I always think positive! So on the positive side, people thank me for the street lights being fixed. I said; its everybody’s concern to have these fixed when they go out is to call Ohio Edison and report the lights out or on the internet. I will give more update later waiting for some info. to come in that is important.


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