Our last meeting Dec. 03, 2011


Before our meeting was started by Leann and Debbie Garza, when they came in with a BIRTHDAY CAKE for my wife Penny. That was a big surprise to us all. We had many private talks. Then I opened the meeting with the last months minutes were read by Mary. Then I talked about the pot holes coming back already. We need to have a better control of what is happening in our community. The Twp. is having great concerns on what is happening here also. The south side of the Twp. are having many break in’s in many area’s there. They are starting patrols over there and are using our ways of our neighborhood watch. The police say if you have strange people coming into your area that you don’t know is to try to get the license plate number. suggestion was to have stickers made up for the people living here to put in there cars.Homes that are empty are being ripped off in minutes of copper pipes etc. Messages and phone calls have been sent to the owners for there help on information on how soon we will know what is happening to our community. No one is responding yet. It is time we get answers!!! We are finding that police reports are being made for loud music, we also need to watch out for false reports! Only give of what you know to be true and that you witnessed.


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