Liberty Neighborhood watch Program


Trespassing: can be combated with our mutual efforts.
Report/Describe/Keep Watch. Learn ways to support our local police
force and assist neighbors in reducing community trespassers.

· Reported Theft can help fight community issues. Work with local
businesses, such as Wal-Mart, to assist in creating a rap-sheet against community predators that take advantage of our community’s
blind eye and negligence.

Let’s TAKE A STAND and take our community

Noise Pollution is unacceptable per Liberty’s Noise Ordinance. Work
with your neighbors in reporting and protecting the peace of your neighborhood.

Speeding: though our local streets will be a thing of the past once we
have made a community decision to report and assist in the unsafe
practices threatening our streets pedestrians.

Squatting and the Sale of Illegal Substances will be forced out of
our community through mutual focus and diligence. Uncover ways that
will bring our community back from ruin.

· Vandalism will not occur under our community’s watchful eye.
Support your neighbors ∧ Report


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