Meeting of January 7, 2012


Before the meeting Larry brought a box of donuts, and we tried out a mike that he had for our meeting. The meeting started with Mary reading the minutes of our last meeting. The treasurer reported and then, I talked about our great venture on how lucky we were. We sent in a cash explosion ticket that had 3 entry’s on it and our name was drawn. I have never known anyone that has been on the show. I thank Tracy for posting our good luck in the mail room. Tracy called this morning and said; she didn’t do it. So ever did it I thank you for a good job you did on the flyer. I have been looking into more information about the auction on Feb.9th I know of three people who plan to attend, if more info is put out to where and time. A lot of talk about the auction so we just have to wait and see. This is where we all live and someone is causing trouble in here. People had their gas tank strap cut, brake lines cut,and cars being keyed. We all live here, and we need to step up and keep your eyes open, this is very serious.

UPDATE: I was told that there may be a delay on the auction another month or two, due to courts and paperwork, plus post it for 30 days. I will update as I get info. thx.