Get Liberty News to your Computer


For those of you who know me, I am back. For those of you who don’t —I am Gloria Lang and I welcome you to my latest endeavor. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to be informed about the community we live in. There is much that happens in Liberty that never is shared with the community in general. That will be my goal with this newsletter. Here are some rules of the game.
If you receive this email, you or someone else has indicated to me that you would be interested in receiving it. For many years I did the Liberty Reporter (The Review Newspaper) and provided an electronic newsletter to almost 500 residents. I stopped these activities in September 2011. Since then I have 1.) been approached by many people telling me they miss the information about our community; and 2.) I have noticed the severe lack of communication that exists now and it is a handicap for us as residents and taxpayers. We do not have a community paper and our two local papers have an area that is too large and diverse to give much coverage to any particular locality. With this in mind, I have decided to resume an electronic one again. I realize that many of our residents do not own a computer so this will not necessarily help them but it is the best I can do so if you remain on my mailing list please share some of what you may learn with those who would like to know.
I please be aware of the following facts. I am not a journalist. I have NO training in any area connected with journalism. Have been out of school for more than 60 years. For these reasons, do not look to grade my English or grammar. I will write in the same manner and tone as if I were at your kitchen table. I am starting a new mailing list. I am not using the former list. No one has access to this list. I do not share it, loan it or sell it. No one has access to my computer. All mailings are sent blind copy. If you would like to be removed from my list at any time, no reason necessary, just tell me and you will be removed immediately. If you receive one covering a subject that does not interest you just reach for that magic “delete” key. Do not look for controversy. It will be apolitical and usually news that is nice to hear and what is not covered or covered enough about our community. Pictures that appear in them can be uploaded. I will be happy to add people to my mailing list but I do reserve the right to choose those I do. If you would like to contribute to it, I would be delighted and so would others. Pass the word to your friends and if they are interested have them mail me their email address so I can add them to the list.
Here are some of the subjects that I will be talking about in the very near future.
General township news
News of the Police and Fire Departments
The Liberty Business Association
The Liberty Historical Society
Coming events and meeting times
Friends of the Library
Help for Senior citizens “Senior Watch”
Commercial news of the township
Achievements of our Liberty students and people.
Social events LHS Dinner —children’s events the— Easter Bunny
Senior Follies
Blott Kids Holiday Project
The Liberty Little Leopards
Liberty Township Baseball Association
The Liberty Scouts
Church news– volunteer news
And much more.
I find I am rather rusty at this now so I ask your patience until I get going again. I have to organize my files and contacts again. We are starting off with about 125 on this new list. It will be up to you to make it grow. If anyone wants off now, please let me know. If anyone wants included, have them send me an email with “newsletter” in the subject. Well here we go! Look for something in the near future.
If you have good information for Gloria send it to her she will post it, and send your email address to her and she will put you on her list for emails thx. Jim


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