Meeting of January 21, 2012


I started off enjoying good humor, and stories and good coffee, before our meeting. I started off looking at our new signs for neighborhood watch, that I got from the township.I had ask where would we put them, one person suggested one on the mail room and I suggested as we drive in on the pole in the media where the speed limit sign of 10 mph is just above it, and the other just past all the tree’s on the right as you come in. Tracy said; she will ask for permission on Monday. As you already know we are still having break-ins. I talked about all the information I have put on the our website on Liberty Twp. Gloria Lang was the reporter for the review paper and retired. So has decided to post information by email anyone could sign up for, I told her I would post her information on the web site. For some of you that still think you live in Girard, you are wrong, Girard is only our mailing address since Liberty don’t have a post office. If you go for a driver’s license or plates make sure you tell them you live in Liberty Twp it’s cheaper. I also had talked about the court hearing on the 26th to have another auction, Mary, Elsa and me will attend to see what is happening. I will had more after that. I just wanted to say also is the snow plowing is great, they are doing a good job.


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