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It’s official Just Posted

February 28, 2012

Yes it is now official this has just been posted by the new auctioneer’s The Chartwell Group from Cleveland.

4 Mobile Home Parks, ALL OFFERED REGARDLESS OF PRICE!, Pursuant to Trumbull County Court Of Common Pleas, Case No. 2010CV03145

Parcel 1: Vintage Village Mobile Home Park

6622 Belmont Ave., Girard, OH 44420 – Trumbull Co.
227 Pads on 46 acres. Currently 52% occupied with Gross
Annual Income of $383,423. Current NOI: $103,574
Annual RE Taxes: $27,504 Cashier’s
Check Req’d to Bid: $30,000
Suggested Opening Bid: $100,000

Parcel 2: Butler Mobile City

29549 SR 62 (Salem-Alliance Rd.) Salem, OH 44460
Columbiana Co. – 95 Pads on 16 acres. Currently 50% occupied
with Gross Annual Income of $136,887. Current NOI: $55,802
Annual RE Taxes: $5,369
Cashier’s Check Req’d to Bid: $25,000
Suggested Opening Bid: $50,000

Parcel 3: Country Squire Mobile Home Park

6 Knox School Rd., Knox, OH 44672 – Columbiana Co.
66 Pads on 12.5 acres. Currently 58% occupied with Gross
Annual Income of $114,447. Current NOI: $26,342
Annual RE Taxes: $4,217
Cashier’s Check Req’d to Bid: $15,000
Suggested Opening Bid: $20,000

Parcel 4: State Line Mobile Home Park

6633 McCartney Rd., Lowellville, OH 44436 – Mahoning Co.
88 Pads on 11.5 acres. Currently 32% occupied with Gross
Annual Income of $80,510. Current NOI: $18,316
Annual RE Taxes: $15,045
Cashier’s Check Req’d to Bid: $13,000
Suggested Opening Bid: $20,000


Our Next Meeting Feb. 18th at 4:00 PM.

February 17, 2012

I have some information, that all should hear first hand, not be heard second-hand! We need this time to talk over our feelings and things we need to see happen. This is so important to our community. Is the auction going to hurt or help us? Come and find out!!

I would like to thank the management team for showing up for the meeting, Mary, Tracy, and Glenda our new assistant manager. The main topic was the auction and the cost of the sewer system, and the after effect. The price has gone from originally from $225,000 now it’s estimated to be around $493,000 all most a half a million dollars. They have some studies that show a lot based on 223 homes. The cost of the use of the sewer will be estimated around $16,000 per year. I guess this what happens when the EPA get involved. The price for the community should be pretty low considering the extra cost to bear. Any suggestions please let me know thx Jim. I’m waiting for information on the open house at the Liberty Twp. to tour the police station visit with the emt’s and fire trucks. I have Lowes interested in coming to our meeting to show what they have for security, from locks to cameras and etc. plus they will have give aways. I have also invited them to the TWP. alsoto do the same.

Liberty Twp. Update

February 1, 2012

If you, live, work, shop, own a business, or visit Liberty Township, PLEASE READ THIS ISSUE. Thanks to the efforts of Police Chief Richard Tisone and the Liberty Police Department, our township is integrated in the NIXLE Network. Much of what you read in these newsletters will be “candy” or chit chat. This one is important and could be crucial in an emergency or even possibly a matter of life and death or property loss.
If you read the article about Nixle in the Vindy recently, you know that it was implemented many months ago and out of the 10,000 or so residents of our community only about 300 have registered. Let me explain NIXLE to you. NIXLE was first introduced in 2007 and is basically a communication system that connects the Liberty Police Department with residents of the township. Residents can use NIXLE to receive information ranging from community news to critical police alerts. This could be a boil alert, notice of a robbery and description of the car, or the action of cutting of the electrical or phone lines, all of which have occurred recently in our community. The resident can choose how they receive this information by either text messaging to your cell phone or by e-mail or web page. Messages are targeted to specific geographic areas and if your address falls within this area, you’ll receive the message. There is no charge for this service. We live in difficult times and the future seems to hold more of the same. Getting these messages in time to react to them and be aware of them could be very important to all concerned. Nothing is achieved when you find out about a boil alert when it is too late. As residents we all must be proactive and look for suspicious people or actions in our neighborhood. We cannot do it if we do not know what is happening. Caution—DO NOT GET INVOLVED, CALL YOUR POLICE DEPT IF YOU SEE OR KNOW OF ANYTHING. Businesses should notify their contact person to be on the lookout for these alerts and to contact the person in charge regarding them.
To create an account all you have to do is going to and register what information you want to receive and how you want to receive it, that’s it. NIXLE not only provides emergency information but it also keeps you informed about information affecting our community including safety tips, traffic alerts, local crime information as well as severe weather and community events. Please join in this free and invaluable resource for our community.
Please note ..Not all cell phone carriers honor these text messages. If you can’t get them call your service provider. Not everyone has a computer. If you do and you receive an alert, please share it with your neighbors and friends who do not have a computer. I ask all my friends in Liberty to register ASAP and be aware of what is happening. Any questions, call your Police Dept.

Our February 4th Meeting

February 1, 2012

We had good coffee and tea, as Larry said; Good coffee Jim. I opened the meeting with Mary the Secretary reading the minutes from our last meeting. then the treasures report that needs a lot of help. Then I started with the number one concern the auction They will try to sell all four parks together, if not then they will auction one at a time, to the highest bidder. Where has not been set yet but, that has been set for March 29th.. I think they will hold it here since the hall is clean and we can make some coffee and tea. I talked about our new neighborhood signs I have two. Tracy said; she needed to get approval and would get back to me. So when I went to the auction I seen Robert Greenwald I told him the chief of police gave us these signs to put up, and that I needed approval he said who said that, I told him Tracy with a smirk smile he said your approved. One has been put up as you come into the community, and one to go. Any suggestions where? One person said to put one on the mail room.

Then everyone wanted to know about the cash explosion, that was aired on Saturday night at 7:30. I said; we had a good time and was a great time, and was very exciting and a great experience. Penny was behind me with our son and grand-daughter, they also had a good time. I was told that they will send me a cd of the show, and they did remove a lot of it. Just remember one thing they take one-third off the top for taxes. Who will be next?