Our February 4th Meeting


We had good coffee and tea, as Larry said; Good coffee Jim. I opened the meeting with Mary the Secretary reading the minutes from our last meeting. then the treasures report that needs a lot of help. Then I started with the number one concern the auction They will try to sell all four parks together, if not then they will auction one at a time, to the highest bidder. Where has not been set yet but, that has been set for March 29th.. I think they will hold it here since the hall is clean and we can make some coffee and tea. I talked about our new neighborhood signs I have two. Tracy said; she needed to get approval and would get back to me. So when I went to the auction I seen Robert Greenwald I told him the chief of police gave us these signs to put up, and that I needed approval he said who said that, I told him Tracy with a smirk smile he said your approved. One has been put up as you come into the community, and one to go. Any suggestions where? One person said to put one on the mail room.

Then everyone wanted to know about the cash explosion, that was aired on Saturday night at 7:30. I said; we had a good time and was a great time, and was very exciting and a great experience. Penny was behind me with our son and grand-daughter, they also had a good time. I was told that they will send me a cd of the show, and they did remove a lot of it. Just remember one thing they take one-third off the top for taxes. Who will be next?


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