Our Next Meeting Feb. 18th at 4:00 PM.


I have some information, that all should hear first hand, not be heard second-hand! We need this time to talk over our feelings and things we need to see happen. This is so important to our community. Is the auction going to hurt or help us? Come and find out!!

I would like to thank the management team for showing up for the meeting, Mary, Tracy, and Glenda our new assistant manager. The main topic was the auction and the cost of the sewer system, and the after effect. The price has gone from originally from $225,000 now it’s estimated to be around $493,000 all most a half a million dollars. They have some studies that show a lot based on 223 homes. The cost of the use of the sewer will be estimated around $16,000 per year. I guess this what happens when the EPA get involved. The price for the community should be pretty low considering the extra cost to bear. Any suggestions please let me know thx Jim. I’m waiting for information on the open house at the Liberty Twp. to tour the police station visit with the emt’s and fire trucks. I have Lowes interested in coming to our meeting to show what they have for security, from locks to cameras and etc. plus they will have give aways. I have also invited them to the TWP. alsoto do the same.


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