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Meeting on Saturday March 31

March 30, 2012

Bring your neighbor to the meeting, we have a lot to talk about. A free Murder Mystery Hosted by Liberty Neighborhood Watch, Lowes will be there with several interesting samples and a give away gas grill etc., snacks games prizes. You want to be there for a chance to win, or maybe on Murder Mystery.

Don’t forget the Auction that was on Thursday.

UPDATE: We had a very good turn out. I talked about the auction where Vintage Village went for $999,000 per the Tribune and Chartwell Group. I was told to stay away from the auction that it was a closed auction, and there would be extra security guards there. I’m hurt, and sad that Robert Greenwald feels this way.So we must move on because the auction was open. The court has to approve the sale so maybe Monday or Tuesday we get the approval of sale. I said; that this was a relief to see we will soon have a new owner between 30-90 days.
I also talked about the Liberty Twp admin. building we will have a murder mystery, you don’t want to miss this that is planned for April 14th starting at 12:00 noon. There will be prizes, games and refreshments. Lowes will have a drawing for a new grill. So mark your calendars.
We had a statement made from Mike and Adam about someone spreading rumors about them being abusive to kids, and other names I do not want to put in print. This all must stop! We all live here, and for us to make it in here we must work together. I know that our meetings, nothing like that has ever been mentioned. Mike and Adam I’m so sorry people can talk like that, without knowing you. Lets hope that we can move forward. I had just mentioned at the meeting how hard Mike and Adam has been working they are on their second dumpster good job Guys.



March 22, 2012

I have talked to a couple of people who are planning to attend the auction. One I met yesterday as he rode through the community checking it out. I just talked to another person on the web and he knows of several people who are planning to attend and bid and to clean this place up. I hope I get a seat there, I plan on being there early. We will have a special meeting on Saturday March 31st to let you all know of the outcome of the auction. BE THERE!!!!
UPDATE: I have received an email from Robert Greenwald, asking for me not attend the auction. He said; that it is closed auction, and I wouldn’t be able to get in and they plan to have security guards there. So Mary and myself will not be attending. In the flyer under format is says open public, so I guess he just wants it done his way.

A New California County Ordinance

March 14, 2012

New county ordinance establishes process for closing mobile-home parks
By Brian Bullock/Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 12:15 am
Depending on your point of view, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors either protected a substantial portion of its affordable housing or made it nearly impossible for mobile-home park owners to close their parks for any reason.
The supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to amend the County Land Use and Development Code and Coastal Zoning Ordinance by establishing a procedure for the closure of mobile-home parks. The decision ended an effort that stretched back over some 18 months and brought a sigh of relief to mobile home owners in parks throughout the county.
The ordinance created a permit process which requires a closure impact report, relocation assistance for displaced owners, and a review by the county Planning Commission.
The process can be initiated by a request from the park owner or a 25-percent vacancy rate.
Mobile-home owners and park residents, including San Luis Obispo County resident Ron Faas, who worked with the county Planning Department to craft the ordinance, lined up to support measure.
Faas compared ordinances in San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Cruz counties, Seal Beach, Oxnard and Huntington Beach to the proposal in Santa Barbara County.
Relocation assistance and determining the cost to replace mobile homes upon closure was a point of contention between home and park owners.
The ordinance offers two options.
If a mobile home can be moved, it requires the park owner to pay for relocation costs, up to 30 nights of housing, and one year’s worth of rent differential, all of which could cost as much as $22,900 per home.
If the homes can’t be moved, the land owner must pay for 12 months of rent and purchase the unit at in-place market value. The median price in the county is $147,000.
Board chair and 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr said the county needs to consider rehabilitation and conservation of its affordable housing, and that the ordinance would protect a large portion of that housing.
While supervisors unanimously approved the ordinance and applauded the effort to create it, others said it would make it impossible to repurpose land and could create mobile home slums.
David Evans, of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, said 93 percent of California’s cities leave such procedures up to state law. He also said mobile home parks are not “cash cows,” and many are rent controlled “stagnant” businesses.
“If they were cash cows investors would be building them,” Evans said. “Owners will not be able to shut them down unless they are billionaires.”

St. Patty’s day Meeting

March 11, 2012

Yes; we have a meeting on Saturday March 17th St. Patty’s Day. Come and bring your neighbors. Coffee and Tea will be provided. Thx. Jim

UPDATE: Well I made the coffee and the hot water for tea. A big surprise, Debbie and Le Anna came in with a birthday cake for me. What a surprise to me. thx. Debbie and Le Anna that was great. Our biggest topic was the ordinance from Southern California, that I already posted. Everyone is waiting for the auction, and we talked about all the neighborhood watch groups in Youngstown, and Warren. I was told they would like to get them all in one area to talk on problems and solutions. I also talked about the open house at the Twp. on April 14th week after Easter. This should be exciting. I will be adding more this week. thx. Jim

Today March 3rd 2012

March 3, 2012

Yes today we have a meeting, where we need to have our answers answered! There are a lot of What if’s out there so if you own your home or rent, you may want to step up and say what’s on your mind. After today’s meeting I will come back and update this information, that so many people who can’t get out to come, or they have work etc.

UPDATE: We had good coffee and good conversations, before the meeting. I started off with the minutes from our last meeting,and the treasurers report. We talked about the minutes about the sewer system, how the price has climbed so high from $225,000 to over $493,000 almost a half a million dollars. I also talked about the auction on the 29th, up by Cleveland. This should be interesting, when all this comes together, and we learn more of who the owner will be.

I was excited from a meeting today on the open house at the TWP. administration building. I’m in contact with Lowes to come to the open house and display there products on a safer home and what they have to offer. They will be having drawing for give aways, and food will be given out. We will have the opportunity to visit the inside of the police station of what they have for our safety, from print screening, seeing the holding tanks where they hold up to eight hours. You may be able to talk to the dispatcher, and see fire trucks and the emergency truck. You can even visit with some of the people who run the TWP. This will all happen on April 14th starting at 12;30 PM. mark your calendars. This is a good communications for the family as a get together.